Monday, March 26, 2012

325 Issue: Wee Ka Siong Should Resign


From The Star:
Wee is willing to step down immediately as Deputy Education Minister if the move would solve the shortage of teachers in Chinese primary schools.

He said he arrived at the decision after discovering that many people who attended the United Chinese School Committee's Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) rally in Kajang on Sunday had chided the MCA for being unable to solve the long-outstanding issue.

He said some had called him to resign.
“There are other ways to solve this issue. Would jeering and hurling abuses resolve the shortage?
“And if stepping down would solve this issue once and for all, I, Wee Ka Siong would immediately do so,” he said in his speech at a dinner organised by Kota Melaka MCA here on Sunday night.
He stressed that the MCA would go all out to solve the Chinese education issue and the party's interest in the matter was no less than those who attended the demonstration.
It is apparent that Wee has failed to win over the confidence of Dong Zong and supporters of Chinese vernacular education. Wee's 8-point solution was a direct reaction to the Dong Zong's 325 rally call. It is unfortunate that the Deputy Minister did not do much to resolve the issue of a lack of qualified Chinese educated teachers since he was made a deputy minister of education 3 years ago. 

Dong Zong is right to say that they are fed up and tired of listening to proposals and suggestions presented to them by the ruling regime but nothing has come out so far. 

Barisan, especially Umno, has a severe problem. It is reluctant to do what is right for the Chinese if such action can be seen as giving in to the Chinese community. This 'Ketuanan Melayu' mentality is stopping a compliant party like MCA from doing anything for the Chinese vernacular education.

I have said it more than once, if the government accepts and recognizes the Chinese vernacular education as part of the Malaysian education system there is no reason for the government not to provide the vernacular education stream with all the assistance and help it deserves.

For this, Wee should resign not because it is going to help resolve the problem. But Wee should resign for not doing his job and for not recognizing this issue as one of the most important issues he should tackle upon being appointed as the deputy education minister.

Wee should hold up his head high and quit because he has lost the confidence of the Chinese education group and stakeholders. The reception he received at the 325 rally is too embarrassing for him to stay on as a deputy minister.


Anonymous said...

The problems faced by these vernacular schools is due to the Razak Report which was passed by parliament way back in 1957(if I am not mistaken).The only solution is the present govt must do away with this report and enact a new policy which is all inclusive,only then the problems can be solved.

Anonymous said...

MCA has always said there are other ways to solve problems. The MCA's methodology is to kick the can down the road and hope the people will just conveniently forget about it. This has been their arrogant attitude all these years, or maybe their incessant need to kowtow to, not the people that voted them in, but to their 'political masters - UMNO.' 325 could just be the scratch on the surface of the Chinese community.

bruno said...

The reasons the MCA is deemed as irrelevant and a has been by the Chinese community,is because they do standups and downs,by the beckoning and whims and fancies of their political masters the Umno.

Anonymous said...

Cut him a slack! He has a delicate line to walk, he needs to choose between meeting the need of a happy "Chinese" community, or appeasing every whim of his pay master " U-Putra". That is the most difficult position he had get himself into right now. He can't please both at the same time with his weight around. Sigh!