Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Can 'Brave' Chua Soi Lek Win Back Chinese Support for BN?

The 'Oracle of Syed Putra' has spoken and we must accept it as God sent mantra of truth. I am not too sure if the rest of us are referring to the same person/persona as Dap poster boy, Ariff Sabri. According to Ariff, who blogs as Sakmongkol AK47, the Oracle said Barisan in trouble and Najib has lost the plot in managing the country.

But Daim isn't saying the same thing to a host of mass media who interviewed him. He regarded MCA President Chua Soi Lek as a leader who has bravely spoken up for the interest of the community. I am unsure what Chua has spoken up for me but I have not heard him telling the government to treat all its citizens fairly and stop the distinction between Bumi-and-Non-Bumi. It is really a silly political game which aims at divide-and-rule the people. 

If you are Chinese and you are poor. You are still poor. No point harping about how the NEP had helped to enriched people like Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Robert Kuok or the late Lim Goh Tong. The only similarity the rich Chinese tycoons have with poor Chinese coolies is the ethnicity. What is theirs is theirs and whatever my woes are remain mine alone. They are not obliged to share their wealth with the poor Chinese. So, should we rejoice a few billionaires and disregard millions of poor?  

What did Chua speak up for me? Chua was brave enough to tell us that MCA is not going to join the government if the party performs worse than 2008. He told us a vote for Dap is a vote of Pas and we should be very afraid of Pas' Islamic ambition to implement Hudud. 

Did Chua even understand what troubled the Chinese community? What is his party stand on various issues such as political thuggery, Lynas rare earth processing plant, corruption, NEP which breeds cronyism and nepotism (cases of ministers' families being given lucrative government contracts) and others?

Did Chua speak up against the political arrogance of Umno and its association and tacit support for right wing and racist organizations such as Perkasa?

The Oracle should know one very important fact. It is difficult for MCA and Chua to sell Umno to the Chinese voters. Chua must prove that he has the political will and courage to stand up against what's wrong in Umno and the latter excesses in the government. Chua cannot use fear (of Hudud and Pas) to try to lure back Chinese support to his party. 

It is good to be brave but it is more important to be righteous. 

Now Daim is saying that we will have a better future under Najib's economic model. Which model? NEP or NEM? ETP, GPP, 1(Everything), KRA and whatelse?

Daim says Malaysia has the base to become a great economy because it has the workforce, resources and infrastructure as well as flexible institutions and policies to generate high economic growth. Which country does not have the workforce, resources and infrastructure? 

What Daim did not elaborate on Malaysia's continuous dependence of cheap foreign labour and unskilled workforce. SMI associations are arguing that the implementation of RM900-1000 minimum wage may cause 80% of them to close down. If local workforce are going to earn such inhumane level of salary, these SMIs might as well close shop. 

Logically, this helps to explain why Malaysia's brightest and skilled are not working in the country when they can obtain 3-4 times the pay outside the country. Malaysia has long been an employer market since the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Entry level salary has remained stagnant for the past one and half decade. 

We should not blame the government solely for the minimum wage issue. The implementation of minimum wage requires the support and collaboration of all including employers and employees. I agree that higher wages must be compensated with higher productivity and better work attitude. The solution to rectify Malaysia middle income trap crisis is not as easy as merely the implementation of minimum wage if all parties are not willing to address more pertinent and serious challenges together.

Does Najib economic model spells out the solution? Even Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan coalition does not have a solution to the problem apart from promising to implement minimum wage of RM1200 if they win Putrajaya, a move which may isolate the employers and business owners. 

Ironically the Oracle did not address the issue of wastage when he spoke about resources. Our oil reserve is dwindling and drying up. Petronas has warned of depleting revenue moving closer to year 2017. Almost half of government's budget is dependent on oil and oil related revenues. Did we use our finite resources wisely? 

Is the Oracle predicting a stop to wastage, corruption and misuse of resources? Why are public infrastructure projects are still being awarded to companies (or cronies) at exorbitant price?

I would like to say that the Oracle of Syed Putra is still a political and not a 'medicine man' or 'political bomoh' that Sakmongkol/Ariff claimed he was.

Nonetheless, Ariff should still continue to humour us with his 'Oracle of Syed Putra' series. They are well written and entertaining. I am sure a lot of opposition supporters and his own colleagues in Dap needed some motivation reading the gloomy prognosis doled out by the Oracle on Najib's BN chances in the next GE. On the flip side, I am sure MCA leaders and supporters are very happy and relieved reading the Oracle singing praises of their daring leader. 

Welcome to Malaysia's political talk! Sensational but at times senseless.


Anonymous said...

all I hear from MCA are yapping about PAS, or Valentine's Day or buying some newspaper company or inviting celebrities or some nonsensical garbage

Anonymous said...

MCA must point to UMNO that top govt positions should be shared more evenly rather than exclusively to one particular race.Do away with the discount for bumiputra purchase of property.

TOKZ said...

It sometimes puzzle me why there are still some CINA-BENGS & CINA-LIANS who still CAN'T understand what CHUA SOI LEK is trying to tell us. OK, OK, OK...maybe I should translate them to a more AH BENG-LIAN kinda lingo to get the message across & here it goes:

'Ah Lek Kor' is trying to tell us:

1) If we vote for PAKATAN RAKYAT, the CHINESE will all be "Harm Kah Chan" becos' when PAKATAN RAKYAT comes into power, PAS will be the dominant party & PAS will "disregard" whatever opposing views coming from DAP.

2) Although DAP assures the CHINESE that they will NOT be subjected to the ridiculous EXTREMIST LAW of PAS but when the time comes when PAKATAN RAKYAT becomes the Govt., it will all be "TOO LATE" for the CHINESE to abandon PAKATAN RAKYAT becos' the cabinet will be mostly made-up by PAS leaders of whom will NOT even ENTERTAIN DAP's objections.

3) With a Govt. built-up of mostly PAS leaders, do you think PAS will still care about whether the CINAPEKS still have PORK to eat, 4D to punt, BEER to 'yam seng' or Health Centre to 'cheong'??? When PAS comes into power, whatever DAP object will be likened to listening to mere music off our radio by those PAS dudes.

4) 'Ah Lek Kor' DOESN'T want to see all the hard work & effort made by our forefathers by leaving the struggling life they once had in China & by swimming all the way to Malaya to build a better life comes CRUSHING DOWN in the end simply due to the IGNORANT BRAINS of their son/daughters/grandchildren/great grandchildren of whom are TOO BLIND to see the DANGER of PAS making use of DAP to achieve PAS objective.

5) 'Ah Lek Kor' DOESN'T want to see our forefathers burial site turning into Islamic burial site becos 'Lek Kor' could foresee PAS turning this country into 100000% Islamic country whereby AFHGANISTAN cum IRAQ law will be implemented upon its' citizen regardless of ones original ethnic background.

6) 'Ah Lek Kor' wants to see the Christians continue praying in churches & 'Ah Lek Kor' wants to see the Buddhists continue praying in temples. What 'Ah Lek Kor' DOESN'T want to see is the said group of people ending-up converting their original religion towards PAS belief & teachings.

7) 'Ah Lek Kor' hope to see young men & young women dressing up as they wish & NOT see young men dressing up like OSAMA bin LADEN & young women dressing up like NINJAS.

Lastly,'Ah Lek Kor' had been time & time trying to tell us to be WISE in our judgement & 'Not' allow simple candy-laced statements made by DAP who is in the midst of being used by PAS to DESTROY the fair share CHINESE are currently enjoying in Malaysia.

'Ah Lek Kor' also WARNED that we CHINESE will be PAS soon if we DON'T change becos PAS means....

"Parah Akibat Sesat"

bruno said...

Chua soi Lek has spoken bravely of all the shenaniggans he has done with his head under a lady's skirt.Or jumping up and down from a bed starked naked,like an ape caught by all the attention of the crowd and the camera's lights.

Yet he thinks that he is brave to admit his rampant cheatings on the spouse..He is actually a stupid fool to be caught with his pants down with a whore in a cheap hotel.But we have to give credit to him for being stupid but brave enough to lecture the public on family values.What a grown up stupid fool of a doctor.

bruno said...

The only thing that CSL is brave about is that he has the thick hide of a politician and the guts to lead the MCA into GE 13th to get decimated.

bruno said...

First of all those harping on the minimun wages issue are all stupid fools.Be they from PR or BN.These are election gimmicks good enough only to fool the two legged lembus from NFC and their lap puppies from the MACC and PDRM.

Why the brain drain.The main causes are corruption and cronism.Those well educated professionals saw that their talents are not being appreciated.To be bypassed by the political cronies of the ruling elite,who have the brains of a water kerbau fit to tend the lembus.

Corruption and corruption everywhere.From the PM's office down to the office boy,and even the janitor tending to the restrooms collecting quarters.From every hand the files passes by,money has to pressed palms.Inflated jacked up prices of negotiated contracts.

All these add up to the costs of producing our goods.It erases any productivity our workers have if any.Therefore simple commonsense tells us that corruption has forced ourselves to priced our goods out of the free competitive markets

To have a minimum wage will be adding on more costs.In other words we have produced overpriced goods that cannot attract buyers in the free markets.So eventually the manufacturers will relocate to other countries.Before it was Indonesia,Phillipines,Thailand, Chinaand India etc.

Now it is Vietnam,Cambodia and soon to Burma.Eventually maybe to wartorn Somalia too.The problem is corruption,because it kills our competitiveness and eventually pushes up the unemployment lines.

bruno said...


can you not show some common sense in your comments.You are acting like that clone of yours,Dr Chuah.I thought that you were much smarter than him.You sure is one to dissapoint,even to the creatures crawling on your scalp and hair.

Anonymous said...

CSL is only brave to tell the whole nation he had cheated on his wife with his son stood behind him.

And like Dr M, he could convince himself that he's righteous enogh to condemn others on imoral activities.

Anonymous said...

CSL is only brave in front of video camera during his porn flick shot, not in front of his U-Putra master. It is not that difficult to figure it out anyway, he is not allowed to play 'brave' without explicit permission from master.

Azahari said...

There is a BIG difference between brave and thick-skinned!

Anonymous said...

You couldnt have expressed it better. However, Malaysians have to make a choice just like some other nations. If the poor keep on being poor, there'll be a day when their life is meaningless anymore and that they would not go quietly or alone as they were not given a chance. The mega rich (now many billionaires in Malaysia) can just scoot off with their (ill) gotten wealth and Malaysia will never ever become a developed nation

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Malaysian workforce, I was in Malaysia recently visiting relatives. Has the opportunity to deal with many Malaysians working on frontlines ... sales assistants in retail shops, banks, accounting firm, young company executives ...

I left Malaysia feeling sad that our young Malaysians now seems lacking in confidence in handling customers, struggle to speak English, at loss answering non-standard questions, unable to handle customer complaints ... I see a whole bunch of young Malaysian walking zombies. There is not fire in their eyes, doing what they do, no enthusiasm, no energy. Are these the upcoming backbone of the Malaysian workforce?

I was in Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia recently and boy, the young working folks there are energetic and eager to learn, has the spirit of trying.

At this rate, I worry what will happen to the Malaysian workforce of the future. Can they take on the global challenges or will they remain simply low-end workforce.

By the way, I am a Malaysian and I left the country for better career opportunities.

Anonymous said...


I rather have PAS rule than UMNO and MCA.

If PAS impose law to cut a thief's hand, it will be so easy for us to recognise who is from UMNO and MCA. They will be walking around without hands. Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...


Correction! Chua was caught naked with a female acquantaince (not a whore) in the most expensive and upmarket hotel (not a cheap hote)in Batu Pahat.

Anonymous said...

I won't classified his act as 'brave' except a shameless act in light of the porn flick he so blantantly displayed to the public, and then steadfastly denied such sexual tryst outside his marriage to his wife; son, supporters and voters. It has nothing to do with a man character at all except having a deceitful nature.

ds said...

Comments must be approved by the blog author? Will u approve unfavorable comments to u? I did not see any in your blog.