Saturday, March 03, 2012

Lynas: PM Najib is Making a Mockery of his Own "Rakyat Didahulukan" 1Malaysia

PM Najib has made his shocking stand on Lynas. He said Lynas plant would remain at its present location but the waste site is to be located far away from the plant.

He said scientific evidence endorsed by local and international experts shows that the plant and rare earth residue are safe. Najib said that this issue has been politically exploited. He forgot to mention the plant was approved by politicians and his administration. 

Anti-Lynas activists do not have any choice but to go to politicians who are prepared to fight their cause. Kuantan MP Fuziah would have been deemed irresponsible and irrelevant if she did not take up the cause on the side of the anti-Lynas group.

Najib statement is a good enough endorsement for Lynas to continue with its operation in Pahang, Malaysia.  It means the government is prepared to forego public well-being for Lynas. It makes us wonder what did Lynas do to have gained such solid support from the Barisan government and leaders.

If the waste site is so safe, Najib should propose to have it in his constituency. I am sure it will create more jobs for Pekan folks at the courtesy of their elected representative and beloved PM. 

For now, Barisan decision is crystal clear. Lynas is going to have its way and operate in Malaysia regardless of what we do or say.

It could have cancelled the project. Compensation? Why not, if the Barisan can pay off RM8 billion to the contractors of scrapped crooked bridge at the Johor causeway it can afford to kick out Lynas. 

We need to say it louder at the next GE. 

If Barisan wants war, give it to them. MIC, MCA and Gerakan should make their stand on Lynas loud and clear. It is either you are with them or with us, the people. 

HIMPUN 3.0 - GET READY! We hit Putrajaya next. 


najib manaukau said...

Najib failed to mention who the local experts are ? Or is he referring to all he deceitful and corrupted Umno scumbags and parasites as the local experts ? Also can he name one international expert, just one, he mentioned !
If the waste is deemed safe why is it they are not
sent back to Australia not to mention the set up of Lynas in Malaysia in the first place instead of in their big country Australia.
It is clearly a set up approved by him for other dubious monetary reasons ! Were that the reasons for his numerous visits to Australia in recent times plus Rosmah's award by Curtin ?

bruno said...

Khoo,why Kuantan?Why not in Putrajaya.Afterall these are supposed to be high paying jobs,eh.

There is no need to compensate Lynas for moving out.All the GOM has to do is sent Umno youth's mat rempits and Perkasa to stand outside the gates to prevent any workers from entering the Lynas plant.Without workers,they will hapilly packed their bags and go home.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult for an umnoputra like Najib not to defend the privilege of an Australian firm to make billion at the expense of the ordinary Malaysians' health and life, looking at the percentage of corporate ownership his cronies gain from Lynas.