Monday, March 05, 2012

Najib Apologizes: Will PM Walk His Talk?

Najib Razak extended an apology to the people on behalf of BN for the coalition's mistakes in the last general election, which cost it several electoral seats and states.

He said the BN would rectify the mistakes and make up by serving the people as best as it can. The voters' rejection of the BN was in a way due to the mistakes made by the coalition, he said.

"I believe that we should not be arrogant. In a parliamentary democracy, we have to subject ourselves to the power of the people.

Subject yourself to the people you must. I was asked by Malay Mail if the PM's apology will help to garner him more support. If yes, we must be quite easy to please. 

However, I am willing to give the Prime Minister some benefit of doubt. After all, it is almost impossible to get Dr Mahathir to do the same - apologize for his long list of mistakes, poor decisions and abuse of power.  

But talk alone is not enough. The PM should show some seriousness and political will to correct some of his administration weaknesses and mistakes like suspend the Lynas project indefinitely.

Is he willing to put the people of Pahang under severe mental anguish over his decision to allow the rare earth processing plant in the scenic and beautiful Gebeng, which is near Kuantan?

The next thing he should do is to withdraw his support for the dubious, irresponsible and racist right wing group called Perkasa. He should know it is almost critical for him to distance himself from this group if he wants to win back support from all Malaysians.

MCA should take note. UMNO's tacit support for Perkasa (and maybe Jati too) is a real threat in isolating non-Malay support for the BN. There is no need to harp on Pas and its symbiotic relationship with Dap.

Pas and Dap are realists. They know their liaison benefits both parties and they will continue to do so as long as there are mutual benefits. The moment Dap senses the real threat of Pas turning extremists and is scaring away their supporters the former will dump Pas without a second thought.

Next, the Prime Minister should implement the full vision and spirit of his New Economic Model. It is a mistake to dump the NEM just because his opportunist deputy turns mischievous on the plan. If UMNO is smart, they should know that Muhyiddin is going to alienate UMNO from the middle ground for good.

PM should rectify UMNO's prime mistake of segregating Malaysians into Bumi and Non-Bumi. Does he realise that more than 70-80% of all Malaysians are descendants of migrants? But focusing mainly on the son of soil, the PM and his party is poised to make millions of Malaysians angry and slighted. 

So, UMNO should stop being racist. It should strive to become a party well received by all moderate Malaysians. 

A number of cases are up for closure and they should be given fair and just trail e.g. Teoh Beng Hock sudden death, the formation of IPCMC, the restoration of judicial independence and empowerment, NFC financial scandal, Ministry of Defence multiple procurement controversies, PKFZ, MAS bailout of Tajuddin Ramli and others.

His powerful apology must be backed by an equally passionate and will to rectify, correct and improve on governance.

Only then, we will decide if we should give him our full support and mandate. Barisan's own enemy is the coalition itself. It has to look inside in order to find the right solution to claw back support lost in the 2008 GE.


bruno said...

First of all I would like to remind the PM Najib,that he has to walk the talk.All talk and no action will definitely reward Najib with the pink slip.

First of all the most important things in most Malaysians minds are corruption and cronism.It is leading the nation to the path of destruction of no return.

We do not care what baggages and skeletons Najib has in the closet.What is most important are for Malaysians to know what is in store for them and the country if Umno/bn is voted back into power for another term.

To prove that he is sincere to root out corruption and deserves to have another term as PM,he should start revamping his cabinet and start throwing some of his Umno,Mca and Mic ministers into prison for starters.To top the list is the present AG and his partner in corruption an ex IGP.Then he can come back and offer his appology and ask for their support for a second term.

najib manaukau said...

One sure way for Najib to win the coming GE is to have the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir be indicted first for the abusive use of his power during the tenure and then have all the money the shenanigan stole. It will also avoid the country going into bankruptcy for sure.
Najib does not have to dish out money the country does not have in the first place or even to apologize for the commission he took from the submarine deal. Or even for the murder of the Mongolian beauty, leave your retribution to Allah in your after life. Just have the shenanigan indicted. The more association Najib has with the shenanigan the closer he will be at loosing the power.
A good example is the record winning of AB's first GE as leader of Umno, the people wrongly thought the shenanigan had retired and rejoiced too soon. A soon as the shenanigan revealed he was far from having retired because the shenanigan thought he had found a puppet in AB to continue his atrocities and corruptions. And in the following election AB lost heavily. So Najib try this even though many of your Umno colleagues in the supreme council will object to it, as many , if not all of them, will surely also be implicated in the process. But if you really are sorry for the atrocities the shenanigan had done, have him indicted and have his mistakes corrected ! The people will come out in full force to rejoice and even believe in you plus for what the shenanigan and his cronies has done !

Anonymous said...

If PM really mean it, do 1st before talk so many bullshit.
Through the years, they talk alot but never do.

Anonymous said...

If Najib is sincere,make the MACC,the AG's office report to the Parliament and implement the IPCMC for the police.Get rid of the corrupted leaders in the BN coalition.Increase productivity in the govt sector.We have currently a bloated govt servants which do not bring efficient service to the people.

KY Ong said...

not many & not easy for a man like najib's status to apologize. it's ain't easy though & i had given 2 thumbs up for his action.

despite whether one is with BN or anti-BN, we have to admit najib is certainly very different in his political approach as compared to other politicians. he somehow know how to touch the people's heart when one least expect it.

politicians regardless from which side of the fence are game players. the objective of this game is to win people's heart regardless whether it's genuine or not & sadly, this is how the game of politics is played.

this is why many people wants to be in politics but unfortunately don't make it in the end. it's not about helping the people or that people, it's not about which race is more superior, it's not a matter of this shit or that pee, it's how one play their cards at the correct moment.