Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Pas' Folly in Kedah: A Lesson in Leadership Selection


This is not the first time Kedah Chief Minister Azizan Abdul Razak has courted controversy. The embattled CM had courted controversy in the past over his decision to set up a high Malay quota for housing projects in the state which had caused uproar from developers in the state.

He was embroiled in several spats with PKR assemblymen over his old school politics and overzealous tendency to flex his Islamic credentials through some very odd measures. This time, he has caught the irk of his own Pas colleagues and exco members. Two of them, led by Phahrolrazi Mohd Nawawi, refused to accept reappointment as state excos and threw his administration into jeopardy.

Pas central committee had to intervene before the full meltdown. Their leadership has installed a PAS steering committee to monitor and assist the Kedah government (or to clip Azizan's wings). This move has been deemed as controversial and odd. 

Their BN Opponents had criticized the move as unconstitutional and disrespectful to the office of Chief Minister who was appointed at the consent of the Sultan of Kedah (and current King). It was seen as a direct interference of the state administration by the Pas central leadership.

Azizan was appointed the CM because of his loyalty and seniority rather than his ability to govern and lead the Kedah government.

The move by Pas central leadership is as good as telling us that Azizan does not measure up as a leader. If this is the case, they should have replaced him with another capable leader and not risk being accused as trying to make a mockery of the state constitution.

Pakatan leadership should take heed of this development seriously. Their leaders are often quick to accuse the BN for flouting rule of law. They should be mindful not to commit the same. Public discourse is becoming meaningless if Pakatan leaders and supporters can only accept criticism being hurled at BN but not at their own coalition and leaders. I hope they will use the same yardstick to measure their own action if we are going to succeed in creating a first world governance and political system.


Leithaisor said...

It is not comforatbale for me to criticise an elder such as Azizan, but to be frank, he is a misfit as an MB for this day and age.

One of his earliest boo-boos which still sticks on my mind was his 50 percent Bumiputra quota for new housing schemes in Kedah. Just how can he justify that?

But from then till now, the controversies have not stopped. Like his autocratic use of the UUCA equivalent on the KUIN stidents, even when it was pointed oput to him that The Pakatan's own Buku Jingga stated an anti-UUCA stance. To which his response was: "The Buku Jingga is not the Koran", so he is not obligated to follow it.

Hello.... MB PAS ke, MB Pakatan Rakyat? And PAS was one of the authors of the Buku Jingga!

Perhaps it is not easy for Azizan to keep up with the times. But a sign of a true leader is someone who knows when it is time to step aside.

And Azizan's time to stepo aside is long past.

bruno said...

If the PAS thinks that the present Kedah MB is a kerbau that he should be set loose in the padi fields.And the two good for nothing excos should follow suit.So close to the GE and they still want to fight among themselves.With such nimcompoops who need Umno for enemies.

stk said...

Why would PAS choose such an important post to an interlect defiency person like Azizan.He is not even fit to be a leader in the first place,more like a kampung bumpkin.

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate part of Malaysian politics is we are so divided a country by all forms, economics, language, religion etc.
The simple fact remains it is difficult to satisfy everyone of us. No policy given our differences and divisions and economic racial gap can solve all the inequities.Total laissie fair will just not work. DAP can claim whatever it is as to how strong a Malaysian they are. But the moment they are in power they will address that issues that help the already economically strong chinese population. Perhaps they are smarter like disguising it in some form that seem to cater for all but the main beneficiary are the Chinese.
what i m getting at is at least Kedah CM is rather forthright in some of his policies trying to address the economic discrepancies even though it may effect overrall economic development. But it is just that some
Pas members are too hungry and impatient for power now that they even willing to sacrifice religion and race for power.
As a result the stability and understanding created by Tun Razak via his various policies are now being undermined. Add to that the behaviour of Barisan and UMNO particularly has also created more cleavages and unhappiness among the Bumi society itself.
All we have todate is a situation that if not properly understood and articulated can destroy this basic fabric of society.
If we want 1Malaysia, then we must start with one national school (be it Bahasa, English , Chinese etc) where we can educate our children being a Malaysian in a context of a multi racial society. I guess there will be hue and cry from many sectors of the society. But why Spore can do it , why not us.
The politics of racial nationalism has reached a level whereby political patronisation of good policies for sake of political support is now the in thing.
So what happen to MB Kedah is just a reflection of the political patronisation exercise and what more being accentuated by gung ho style of the ne so call ERDOGAN faction in PAS!!

Anonymous said...

If PAS cannot accept criticism; if PAS is not willing to rectify an error..then what is the difference? Act now and move on.

Anonymous said...

Azizan should be advised to resign gracefully. This one man will bring untold misery to Pakatan's hopes in the next general elections.

Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised this Azizan is a trojan horse otherwise, why would UMNO sides him. Also the allegation that he wants to give a project worth 600 million to a former Kedah UMNO leader is not beyond suspicion. Just like Hassan Ali was exposed by RPK that he harboured the ambition to be the MB of Selangor and wanted to sabotage Selangor and is doing the bidding of UMNO.

So I won't be surpised that Azizan has an ulterior motive. Why is he on the side of UMNO and talking like UMNO members in regard to the students. He even refused to cooperate with the Pakatan coalitions and refused to abide by the buku jingga although agreed by the three parties. So he is a man who does not honour the agreement.

Anonymous said...

Good post! This will be the downfall of PR in Kedah. Personally I would want PR to retain Kedah but with these attributes of leadership and PAS's ineffectiveness, PR does not deserve to the state government of Kedah.


Anonymous said...

Anytime is a good time to speak up against stupidity.
We all must remember that this struggle is next to impossible yet we must continue for the sake of our offsprings.
You think thing is bad now? The worst has yet to come.
Soldier on my fellow malaysians.