Monday, March 12, 2012

Sharizat's Exit: What Sacrifice, Mr Prime Minister?

Prime Minister Najib Razak commended his fellow minister Sharizat Jalil for "her decision to sacrifice herself and quit the cabinet for the sake of the government and Umno".

He said there is no proof so far that she had committed any offence" related to the National Feedlot Centre scandal. NFC is run by Sharizat's husband and her children.

Once again, Najib's statement does not give us much confidence in his ability to learn from the past and correct the mistakes. If his government is as professional and accountable as he claims, Sharizat would have been asked to withdraw from the cabinet pending investigation into the alleged scandal.

Unfortunately, several Umno leaders such as Khairy, Nazri and Muhyiddin had tried to defend the NFC executives and blamed the whistle blower. Reactions from these leaders did not help to restore the credibility of Umno and help to convince us that the party, which has been in power for more than half a century, is able to correct its own mistakes.

Najib is thankful to Sharizat for agreeing to step aside after the end of her senator term. If she has any moral fiber as a leader, she should step down for the mismanagement of NFC, a very important project using public money, and apologize on the behalf of her family. It is impossible and almost unbelievable if Sharizat claims no knowledge on how the funds have been abused and misused to invest in properties and other avenues other than what the NFC was mandated to do.

Najib is grateful to Sharizat but we are not and will not feel the same. In fact, I think the Prime Minister sounded lame and ridiculous. How can we expect the Prime Minister to act sternly against any future scandals and cases involving his party's leaders if he continues to behave this way?

Why is MACC still dragging its feet after four months since the scandal broke out? MACC must not be seen as being partial to members of a certain political party.

Najib's gratefulness is a setback to his reform/transformation promises and cancels out his earlier apology. He must remember where he stands. He has a duty to ensure that no one plunders the national coffers.

What sacrifice, Mr Prime Minister? Care to explain? How do you plan to recover back our money?


bruno said...

No proof.One does not need to be a sharp legal eagle to sense that it was definitely a conflict of interest.If not for her position her spouse would be personally tending to the daily needs of the lembus,instead of being the chairman.

bruno said...

As usual Najib is clueless about what is happening in his own backyard.Najib wants to be a leader who likes to be told what he wants to hear.Najib is also a leader who needs to be led and told what to do.Mama Rosmah does the talking and Jibby does the walking.

seng aun said...

oh! wow! next thing we know she'll be 'sacrificing' lembah pantai to raja nong chik. do the right thing and quit as wanita chief.

Anonymous said...

Its all about the "sheok sindiri" syndrom that has been in place since independence for UMNO, or rather UMNO Baru! Come 13th GE Najib will be the last joker from UMNO Baru to take the rap and fade away into oblivion!


Anonymous said...

This U-putra leader should not just commend his minister for plundering the tax payer money and then agreed to gracefully step aside to make sacrifices for the nation at the end of her term, he should also award her with the highest civilian medal Malaysia can bestow on her outstanding citizenry. Great! another laughable sandiwara on display from the PM of Malaysia>>>> LMAO!!