Thursday, March 01, 2012

Take Anti-Lynas to National Stage & Prove Them Wrong!

Despite the efforts to protest against Lynas by a number of activists and concerned Malaysians, a number of BN leaders (e.g. Nur Jazlan & Tajuddin Abdul Rahman) and a few analysts (e.g. Ong Kian Ming) said the issue may effect two parliamentary seats in Pahang BUT is unlikely to gain traction among voters out of state and affect the ruling coalition’s chances in the next election.

Concerned Malaysians must strive to prove them wrong. Lynas is akin to a cancerous growth inside our body. If a part is effected, it will spread to the rest. Malaysia will face an unimaginable social and economic costs. 

Family and social life would be badly affected. How many families in Kuantan and Gebeng areas would feel safe living near to the Lynas rare earth plant? Can we imagine the mental anguish faced by the people around the area?

All over the world, experts are good at giving out promises and are quick to justify their assurance once there is a mishap which may cause serious radioactive contamination of water source and others.

If rare earth processing plant is so safe, why can't the company set up the plant in Australia which is seven times the size of Malaysia. It does not make an economic sense to ship the raw materials to Kuantan all the way from Australia. Surely, it is more cost effective to locate the plant in Australia.

However, the environmental conscious Australian government and public would not want anything to do with the plant.

The question is why Malaysia? Is Lynas investment part of the grand Economic Transformation Programme of the administration? The plant is expected to create 3,000 jobs. How many local workers would risk their health to take up employment at the plant? Most of the vacancies might end up being filled by foreign workers.

On top of this, Lynas is given generous tax holiday. So, what is the benefit to local taxpayers? We might end up having to spend more to clean up the mess should anything untoward happens.

BN politicians said they are prepared to lose Kuantan and Indera Mahkota parliamentary seats. They are underestimating our ability to take the fight to national stage. I would like to urge you to prove them wrong!

In solidarity with our fellow citizens in Kuantan and Gebeng, I would like to urge the Save Malaysia and Anti-Lynas committee to ask all parliamentarians and assemblymen, throughout Malaysia, to make a stand on Lynas.

I noted that there are a few BN leaders who are against the Lynas plant. To be fair, we should not target the parties. Let these individuals make a stand.


Malaysians, this is the time for unity. This is the true clarion call for 1Malaysia! Do you part, ask your local representatives for their stand on Lynas. Do it NOW!

Get them to announce their stand in public. We shall get rid of the cancerous cells.

Take our Anti-Lynas to National Stage! It deserves better attention. This is the day Malaysians should feel proud standing up for something meaningful - thousands of innocent lives.

Politicians should listen to us, not the other way round.

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bruno said...

First of all why are the Umno GOM politicians so interested to have Lynas in Kuantan,Malaysia.The Australian government and people treat it like they are rotting lepers.And the GOM is rolling out the red carpet for them to come here.

If the Lynas plant go ahead as scheduled,the first sign of trouble at the plant and there will be an exodus of people from Kuantan and neighbouring districts to other states.Property values then will drop like a rock.

If Malaysia's ruling elite can afford to let one trillion of illegal ringgit flowed out of the country in the last decade,who needs Lynas.Why Lynas?Corruption corruption corruption,money in the bank,that is why.

These Umno/BN politicians must be chased out of office before they do more damage to the country.It has to be in GE 13th when Umno is at its weakest or never again have this chance in another fifty five years.