Friday, March 30, 2012

Why did Lim Guan Eng Allow Dijaya Corporation Berhad End Up with 55% Ownership of Tropicana Ivory Sdn Bhd Which Controls the Penang World City?

Vincent Tan & Danny Tan

In my last blog post, I did highlight a surprise in the Bayan Mutiara deal: the ownership structure of the SPV which is controlling the development of Penang World City.

I said: 

Finally, it is odd to note that Ivory, the successful bidder, is now left being a minority shareholder in TISB. TISB is a joint-venture company in which Dijaya Corporation Bhd holds a 55% stake, while Ivory Properties Group Bhd the remaining 45%. In the agreement with Dijaya Corporation Bhd, Ivory is the turnkey builder for PWC and will thus be entitled to 48% of the project’s gross revenue with the amount due to the company estimated at RM5billion. 

The deal is getting more complicated by the day. From a successful bid and a 70% stake in the joint venture, Ivory is now a minority shareholder of a SPV and a turn key contractor for a backdoor controlling shareholder of PWC which will be built on Bayan Mutiara prime land. Did the state government see this coming or it is a willing player all along?

What is Dijaya Corporation BerhadThe core business of Dijaya Corporation is property development. Over the last 10 years, the company’s assets have tripled from MYR500 million to over MYR1.5 billion, with a sales of over MYR500 million in year 2010.  Some of the projects under the company's belt are the Tropicana Golf & Country Resort, Tropicana Indah Resort Homes, Tropicana City, Tropicana Sungai Long, Tropicana Bayou, Tropicana Sungai Buloh (TSB) Commercial Centre, Casa Kiara I & II, Casa Suites, Fortune Park, Arena Mentari, W Hotel & Condominiums, Aston Villa, 10 Island Resort and Tropicana Danga Bay. 

More interestingly, Dijaya is controlled by a popular local tycoon Danny Tan Chee Sing. His profile which can be found on Dijaya's website reads:
"Tan Sri Dato’ Tan Chee Sing, a Malaysian aged 56, was appointed to the Board on 5 July 1995. He is currently the Group Chief Executive Officer of Dijaya. He is a businessman and entrepreneur having a wide spectrum of businesses with extensive experience in property development, resort management, restaurants, leisure and entertainment operations through his investments in public and private limited corporations. 
Tan Sri Dato’ Tan is also the Executive Vice-Chairman of TT Resources Bhd, Chief Executive Officer of Tropicana Golf & Country Resort Berhad, Deputy Chairman of Berjaya Assets Berhad, and a Director of Berjaya Capital Berhad, Bukit Kiara Resort Berhad, KDE Recreation Berhad, Tioman Island Resort Berhad and Berjaya Golf Resort Berhad. He is also the Chairman of Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd and a Director of U Mobile Sdn Bhd, a 3G mobile service provider." 
I am sure some of the companies which are linked to Danny sound familiar to many e.g. Berjaya Assets Berhad, Berjaya Gold Resort Berhad, Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd and U Mobile Sdn Bhd. These are the companies controlled by his controversial tycoon brother Vincent Tan Chee Yioun. Both siblings are closely connected and their strong bond can be seen from their intertwined interest in companies held by them. 

Vincent Tan was a close crony of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who is arguably the most controversial ex-premier of the country since he took harsh decisions to invoke ISA detention on various opposition top leaders including Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, and many more. His sacking and persecution of Anwar Ibrahim in the infamous Sodomy I during the 1997 financial crisis fallout catapulted this notoriety to the climax. Vincent had benefited from Mahathir's largess such as the Sports Toto, Indah Water, a license to operate sports betting through Ascot Sports but permission was later revoked after an uproar by opposition, lawn bowling and indoor netball stadium project, KL Monorail project and the list goes on. 

Vincent Tan is no stranger to controversy. I am sure many of you could name some of the alleged controversies which were associated or linked to the famous local tycoon whom Mahathir had named as one of a few billionaires created by his regime. Vincent was alleged to have been involved in the Lingamgate, another infamous lawyer who had tried to fix the appointment of top judges in the country. The case had forced the government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry but no one was ever charged or implicated after the outcome of the commission investigation. 

Vincent was also allegedly linked to the defection of Dap lawmaker and deputy speaker, Hee Yit Foong, which had resulted in the demise of a 9-month old Pakatan government in Perak. 

Vincent had an eye on Penang Hill which he had wanted to convert into a casino. This controversial project did not take off but did contribute partially to the end of the late Dr Lim Chong Eu's political career and rein in Penang. 

I am just curious how did Dijaya Corporation Berhad ended up being the controlling/largest shareholder of TISB which controls the development of Penang World City.

CM Lim Guan Eng owes his party and coalition members and leaders an explanation on why this was allowed to happen. Why was Ivory allowed to flip 55% of the land ownership to Dijaya less than 3 months after winning the bid? 

I am very disappointed that the state government, via its tender committee, only look at the tender price to select a winning bid. Bidders should have been asked to submit their master plan for the area and consideration should only be done based on their track record. Ivory's biggest commercial project, the Penang Times Square, had to be resuscitated immediately after it was completed due to poor planning and management. Today, the project is showing only moderate sign of success. 

The most burning question is did Lim Guan Eng expect and allow the Tan brothers (Danny & Vincent) to gain backdoor control of the PWC?

Read this article: Tan brothers look to 'conquer' Penang

Yes, conquer they did and this time Dap is at the losing end again. 


bruno said...

Whenever this coyote Vincent and his sibling is around it smells of Umnoputras involvement too.Afterall what are cronies for.

Even after Dr Mahathir's retirement Vincent Tan still owe his allegiance to Umno.Billionaire or no billionaire,VT is still a crony and running dog of Umno.

Maybe LGE is caught off guard,half asleep in his dreams by letting cronies of Umnoputras slipped inside by the backdoor.So what if LGE is caught offguard.Is he going to sit on his hands and do nothing and let the Tan siblings and their masters bask in the Penang sun and enjoy the scent of the ringgit.

Rocky 5 said...

What the price Vincent had to pay for actively involve in Penang Development.He had to resign from Berjaya group.Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping is Vincent right hand man in Penang.He is X gerakan supporter now he is DAP member and vary close with Guan Eng.

I am sure they have side deal.Maybe in exchange for delivering chinese voters in Penang to Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

Bayan Mutiara land tender is a billion dollar mixed development project with premium priced residential units, shopping mall, office suites, office tower, luxury hotels, retail spaces and open mall with boulevard. It wouldn't matter any bit of the world whether Ivory own 100% or 45% of the joint venture company in developing the land, after all, the land is aimed to be developed and sell to the highest end of the comsumers in the market.

The low and mid income level Penangites may stand no chance to share in this state transformation. That is the original plan of present DAP state government despite the fact on constant claims of taking into consideration of low and mid income group interests by the chief minister.

Anonymous said...

Since when is Dijaya or any BN-linked companies disqualified from participating in business in PR states?

What are you saying, PR should persecute/witch hunt anyone linked to UMNO/BN?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 2.01pm:

In any developed country, recalcitrant companies and tycoons would be black listed. Try this in HK, Singapore, any Scandinavian countries, or even US.

Next time please don't till you are hoarse and blame Vincent for being linked to any of your PR lawmakers jumping ship. Get it?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

*please don't shout...

Ahmad said...

UMNO crony also can win contract that show it is real open tender practise by Penang

Anonymous said...

UMNO crony that show that Penang Open tender do not discriminate as along they are highest bidder

Anonymous said...

All these is done thru tan sri tan kok ping . He is part of bejaya , and now also close to LGE . Actually we can say, if not for tan sri tan kok ping , LGE won't have a foot hold in penang . Opening of school feilds to let DAP to have their campaign during the last election already see it coming . The turf club , tan sri tan kok ping also is the chiarman . So now u all see the link???????

Justt say : all gov will be corrupted to a certain point "