Sunday, April 08, 2012

Election Commission May Contribute to the Lost of Middle Ground for Barisan Nasional

It is very unfortunate for the Election Commission to be headed by a partial, conservative and inefficient leadership which has been not receptive to feedback and proposals from the civil society and stakeholders to correct weaknesses in the electoral process and system.

It has not done anything to ensure that the electoral roll is accurate, current and devoid of discrepancies which may compromise the credibility of the electoral process. Analysts linked to Pakatan have pointed out several discrepancies such as dubious number of voters registered at the same address, voters who had passed away are still found on the roll and other legitimate and worrisome duplicity and mistakes.

Unfortunately, the Electoral Commission has not taken any positive action to clean up the electoral roll or reach out to ensure the contesting parties and voters that adequate actions are to be taken to ensure that the electoral roll will be accurate, credible and transparent.

It is not surprising for the Bersih 2.0 committee to call for a a sit-down rally on Apr 28, dubbed Bersih 3.0, in protest of the EC and the PSC audit on the electoral roll.

It claims the EC's job has been incomplete, and it has not addressed issues relating to postal voting, election offences and measures to end dirty politics.

Ambiga Sreenevasan said Bersih could not agree more that the constitution must be respected by all, but pointed out that the EC should do more as the constitution stipulates that it must enjoy public confidence.

She said the situation was further aggravated by the lack of initiatives or the failure to act in relation to the other demands of Bersih 2.0.

“In fact they (the EC) often behave like a government agency. Further, just because they are appointed under the federal constitution does not mean they are above the law and are not accountable,” she said.

It would be impossible for the EC to hold and adjudicate a free and fair general election if the electoral roll is not being cleaned up. No elections should be held if the EC cannot guarantee a clean and accurate electoral roll.

Straight Talk supports Ambiga call for the EC leaders to step down if they cannot perform their duty. They should not only clean up the electoral roll but the commission has to work out a mechanism to ensure overseas voters are allowed to vote and to create a level playing ground for all parties contesting the next GE.

If not, the EC may contribute to a lost of more support for the Barisan Nasional. Both coalitions must swing as many middle ground voters to their side to win the next GE.


Anonymous said...

kay peng

dont forget.

perception is that the main role of ec is to ensure UMNO remains in power. so, i dont expect them to engage in any concrete steps to ensure a fair and free election.

bruno said...

Khoo,whether Malaysians like it or not,the incompetent EC board of cronies of Umnoputras are here to stay.Even if the people managed to get some of them kicked out,they will be replaced by more incompent cronies.After the all the present crop at the EC are the best of cronies they have.

Come GE 13th,the EC will sit on their hands and let their masters handlers practiced more dirtier tricks never ever seen before.Afterall,what are cronies appointed for.Bersih 2.0 and soon Bersih 3.0 will awaken the people,but the crooks will still have their day.The rules will all be broken and worse than before.

Afterall,the Umno/BN have nothing to lose.Play clean and they will lose federal power.Play dirty and they will manage to hand on by a thread.

Umno/BN is delaying the GE as far back as possible hoping for a miracle.It seems that maybe their prayers will be answered.My personal opinion is that PR may have peaked too soon,expecting the GE to be held in the first quarter or half.

The squablling and infighting among PR leaders so near the GE is a sign of slopiness and weakness.Signs of cracks are beginning to show.Even members of UKRC are beginning to protest against the Khalid administration.

Khalid and his potato heads in the exco cannot even do small things for their own people.If they cannot come out with a compromise for the UKRC then what good can they be.A small social issue for the community involving the corrupted Toyo cannot be corrected by a sitting state government.

Afterall it was one of their pre 2008 GE big talk.Now they have to sit in the public toilets eating back their every word.For the PR politicians getting too complacent and overconfident may cost them dearly in this coming GE.

najib manaukau said...

The EC is appointed by the present regime and as such they will everything possible, most of all including deception not to mention all the deceptions they can think of just to ensure they have something to do.
Why do you think almost daily there is a new discovery of cheating and yet they are doing nothing about the it ? They do not accept or even consider any measure to clean up the shambles that are going on ? Why ? They need a job to go to and they are well aware that without the deceitful and corrupted around they would have to 'balk kampong' or may be even go to jail for the rest of their lives !