Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PM Najib, People's Support Alone is Not Enough

PM Najib Razak says he needs the support of all Malaysians, including the Chinese community, to make his transformation agenda a success.
“It is important for all Malaysians to support this journey towards transforming Malaysia and not have an attitude of let us stay on the sidelines' or being on the fence'.
“Reforms take time. As they say, Rome was not built in a day. However, we have achieved much these past three years and if we are given the mandate (to govern the country) again, we will make the reforms and the country will see transformation,” he said on an NTV7 talk show, Chat Time with Najib, which was aired at 8.30pm yesterday.
Unfortunately, the reality is he needs more than the people's support. In Malaysia, the average people are helpless and voiceless in determining how this country should be run. When did the government consult the people, via referendum or town house meeting, on any important policy decision.
In turn, the average people have to take their grouses to the streets such as the Anti-Lynas group, Anti-ISA, Anti-Bakun, Anti-PPSMI, vernacular educationists, Bersih and others. 
If Najib is serious about his reforms and transformation programmes, he should plead for the support from his warlords, civil servants and party members to support and not sabotage his administration. 
Najib has no moral capital to ask for a clear mandate if his administration cannot call for closure on a host of issues, scandals and controversies created by his administration and party. 
Did Teoh Beng Hock get justice? Was action taken against the culprits of PKFZ? Did the government act to recover back the NFCorp loan? Did his government do enough to protect and promote justice and equality for all regardless of race or creed? Are the public institutions fair, independent and depoliticized? 
He should transform and deliver first before asking for a mandate. The same rule applies to the Pakatan.
As we are debating what should the PM do to get a mandate, obituaries are already being prepared for his lack of imagination, lethargic and sloppy partners e.g. MCA, Gerakan, SUPP and MIC. 
Without a major revamp of Barisan component parties and the coalition, it is possible that the coalition may implode post 13th GE.


bruno said...

First of all Najib is in the position he is now,because of his poistering.His undecisness and lack of strong leadership led to his losing control of Umno.That is the reasons of so many factions and warlords mushrooming in Umno.

The most Najib's grassroot support in Umno is 40-45%.The rest are against him.That is the reason Najib's all Ist Malaysian everything is a flop.And his Ist Malaysian Kedai is a bigger flop.For selling overpriced tainted goods.

Even with all the aliens transformed voters cheating going on,if it really succeeds in Umno/BN retaining federal power,it will win only by a nose.Then the Umno warlords will have all the excuses to chased Najib out.

So Najib is going all out for a big win by all means.That is setting a record for a huge payrise for civil servants.Following Fed chairman Big Ben in a heli flying all over Malaysia dropping single digit ringgit notes,totalling hundreds of millions if not billions.

These actions are not the winning traits of a confident ruling regime,but the first signs of a desperate regime on the verge of losing federal power.Will Najib end his political career as the shortest PM in office.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians of all ages and ethnicity are fed up with the biggest racist party continue hold on to governing power for another half centruy, they are ready to change the direction of the country for the good of their children's future in their beloved land. No matter how much blame PM is shifting on to them, they can't be fooled anymore and remain bury their head under the sand. The trend of globalization demand mind set changes to remain relevant in today world stage.