Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is Chua Tee Yong Helping or Hurting His Own Political Career?

There is no need for the federal government to issue a white paper on the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal, says Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Chua Tee Yong.

NONEProsecuting those involved was better than producing a white paper, Chua told a press conference at the MCA headquarters today.

“We have taken the issue to court, which is better than issuing a white paper because the court will rectify the things,” he said.

Earlier, he was pushing for a white paper on Talam Corp debt restructuring exercise. 

Does Chua really understand the importance of a white paper? A white paper is a comprehensive, objective and credible report on an issue and help to propose the best solution to resolve a problem. 

In the case of NFC, the court merely delivers verdict on the accused. It does not help to provide a solution to recover the debt, to improve government's oversight mechanism and to restore a lack of governance. It is a duty for Chua and his ministry's to explain and to find a solution to the problem.

In his statement, it appears that Chua is harping on a different set of standards for Pakatan but refuses to follow what he preaches. By doing so, he is definitely not doing the right thing to help his own political career. Credibility comes from being consistent and principled. 

Chua is silent on allegations that his party was allocated cheap land by the past BN led Selangor state government. According to Pakatan's Ng Suee Lim, the land was "sold" as RM1 per sqft to BN component parties including MCA which was allocated three pieces of land. 

Perhaps it is time for Chua to understand the merit of being consistent and credible. Leaders must be both consistent and credible to command respect and support from the public.

Chua should still take up the challenge to debate DAP's Tony Pua on the Talam issue. It might help to redeem his political career if he performs credibly in the debate.


KTWong87 said...

This young ciku has already become indelibly branded as a "cannot-count" Ah-Tee [little brother]. Even his photos in the media typically show him as a spoilt-brat throwing tantrums, baring his buck teeth in snarling indignant anger at some conjured wrongdoing.

So his comments about there being no need for a White Paper on the NFC scandal is rather immaterial when it comes to helping or hurting his political career.

I'd say that the vast majority of those who have appeared to side him are likely to be MCA sycophants whose support is not likely based on whatever the greenhorn son of Soi Lek had/has to say, rather, it is based more on what his father can do for them in terms of their repsective political furtures. Tee Yong means very little or nothing to them; without his father, this young chap will revert to what he truly is - a nobody.

As for those who do not support Tee Yong, whether there is another nail added to his political coffin will make little difference given the already plentiful, perhaps even mortal, number of self-inflicted nails already there.

Bottom line - the NFC White Paper comment will make little difference to Ah Tee's political future. The political future of his father will make or break him.

And I'd say there are legions who'd agree with me when I say, that futrire is very, very bleak.

Anonymous said...

None of the MCA ministers and deputy ministers, in my eyes at least, have any credibility left. Their objective is not to solve all problems but only the problems which they think will hurt Pakatan Rakyat's chances. White Paper for Talam, none for NFC. Is that the works of a responsible minister of any rank? That shows selective action/ inaction. I believe the people have woken up enough to send MCA, Gerakan MIC and other so called component BN partties to their graves. There is no way a country can move forward if there are different versions of the law despite the fact WE ARE ALL MALAYSIANS. This country does notbelong to UMNO and the like. And the rakyat are certainly NOT beholden to the politicians who run it. It is time for ALL voters to wake up and realise the painful truth that if this trend continues, the consequences will be extremely grave. As I see it, there will be NO redemption for any of the Ministers in the current BN government. Because they choose to be blind to the urgency of the MASSIVE problems facing this country and seemingly live in THEIR MAlaysia!!

剑遥 said...

he's try to help his pocket but hurting de people...@#$%^&*#

bruno said...

First of all this young Chuah Jr should have known that he is a deputy minister,because his daddy,the big guy who couldn't keep his zippers under control,was cozying up to his political masters,Umno.

This too big for his boots laddie,has been making a clown of himself times over.Even his porn actor daddy would have been embarassed by his theatrics.Shame on this Jr,who only knows how to ride on coat tails,besides not being able to stand on his own two feet.

bruno said...

Tony Pua would made mincemeat out of Chuah Jr in a debate.Jr would be better off,facing the froggie Abrahim Ali,a loudmouth worthy of him.