Sunday, November 04, 2012

Malaysia Votes 13th GE: Why You Should Support Nurul Izzah?

Politicians are known to be chameleons and most of them would tailor make their statements according to their audience. Not for Nurul Izzah, an emerging force within the party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat, which was founded to fight against Anwar Ibrahim's persecution. 

At a forum on "Islamic State: Which version; Who's responsibility?", she was reported to have said "People should not be compelled to adopt a particular religion and this should also apply to Malays."

"When you ask me, there is no compulsion in religion... how can anyone say sorry, this (religious freedom) only applies to non-Malays, it has to apply equally." she said. 

She was responding to a question from the floor on whether Malays should have religious freedom like non-Malays. 

"Malay" is defined under Section 160(2) of the federal constitution as a person who professes Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language and conforms to Malay customs.

Ultimately, she said, what should be sought is "quality" where Muslims' faith is strong.

"Even me, being schooled in Assunta (secondary school) with a huge cross in the hall and an active singing Catholic society did not influence me," she said.

However, Nurul Izzah stopped short of saying that Malays should be legally granted religious freedom, saying: "I am, of course, tied to the prevailing views."

The position she espouses is unprecedented especially when she is a Muslim and she needs the support of largely Muslim voters in her constituency.  She is probably facing one of the toughest political fights in her short political life against a much more established candidate, a federal minister, who has much more resources than what she could have mustered before the next GE.

We need a leader a leader who speaks from her own conscience as a democrat and a proponent of universal human rights. She sees a bigger picture than most leaders who would adopt a narrow religious interpretation which can be manipulated for their own political benefit.

Nurul did not attempt any of these cheap political stunts. She speaks up as a democrat, a true Muslim who holds firmly to her faith and a leader who reaches out to soothe the fear of her fellow Muslims against an often manipulated sense of inferiority and threats against their faith.

For this, Straight Talk would like to urge voters in her constituency, Lembah Pantai, to return her moderate voice and outstanding leadership to the 13th Malaysian Parliament. 

If you would like to make contribution to her campaign fund:

Acc. Name: Ahli Parlimen Lembah Pantai
A/C No: 564128345008
Maybank - Bangsar Baru



Anonymous said...

Come rain ,shine, treats or threats, 99% of lembah pantai indians are voting NURUL anytime over the corrupted raja nong chik.
Bet your bottom sen on it irrespective of what some may be saying that the indian votes are for bn. Bull shit ! Come ge13 the indians will take a 'refund' on the taxes paid thro brim ,krim scream but the dear votes goes to nurul.
Enough is enough of bn.

bruno said...

Nong Chik is just an aged chiku, and his types can be bought for pennies to the dozen in the markets.His attitude is that just because he can be bought for pennies to the dozen,the constituents of Lebuh Pantai can be bought likewise.

My money is on Nurul to let Nong Chik smell the dusts on her boots.Nong Chik will have his tail between his hind legs like a cowered mongrel.He can kiss Lebuh Pantai and his money politics goodbye.Good riddance to bad garbage.

f_mgh said...

I'm wondering if the majority of Malay Muslims, particularly in her constituencies, are aware of her stance. Let them decide. They have been confused with the story of corruption being the main reason for their economic hardship even though the government annually spends most of its revenue in emoluments for teachers, police, armed forces, lecturers, doctors, nurses, medical assistants, and whatnot. And mind you, the quality of medicine in our government hospitals and clinics is among the best in the world. We are getting medical treatment from these hospitals and clinics almost for free.

From a neutral point of view, while PR is trumpeting about corruption among the ruling party politicians, the former still cannot ensure its own politicians aren't corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. I support her views 100% too.

From Penang Kaki

Anonymous said...

Nurul Izzah represents the hope of all Malaysians. She is a breath of fresh air in a very polluted environment.

Nong Chik is part of this politically corrupted and polluted environment. A change is called for when such pollution permeates the air.

Choosing between the two - fresh air over pollution - is clear cut and simple. Vote for fresh air to blow away the polluted air!

Anonymous said...

We need more of Nurul! I will vote for you any YB.

Anonymous said...

Support the Palestinians.Kick out the Hamas terrorists.

Anonymous said...

according to yr article,"Malay" is defined under Section 160(2) of the federal constitution as a person who professes Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language and conforms to Malay customs.

thus,if one is not muslim,he/she is not a malay (according to the very section).

and i wonder does nurul thinks she is not obliged to pray 5 times a day?

Anonymous said...

Nurul is a new awakening in the Malaysian political scene- frank, articulate, and mature. I am not surprised she attracts a lot of envy, jealousy and malice from the political foes.

She speaks her mind, and many choose to look at things from a different lense. Woe to these people.

Nurul like the light will shine forth even brighter after the 13