Thursday, January 03, 2013

Deepak's "Black Rose": Silence is Not An Option for PM and His Wife

Carpet merchant Deepak Jaikishan has been going ballistic with his expose on the PM and his wife on his role in assisting the ruling couple to manage and keep "P.I. Bala" under wrap after the latter's first SD on the Altantuya murder case.

Deepak was motivated to do so after a land deal which involves the PM, the defence ministry and a UMNO senator went sour.

He has threatened to publish a booklet, aptly titled "The Black Rose", to chronicle his involvement with a VIP's wife in allegedly coercing private investigator P Balasubramaniam into retracting his statutory declaration in 2008.  

His past interviews with a few alternative media websites had implicated the PM's brother, a senior lawyer and a few others in the controversial case.

A LTAT linked company, Boustead Holding Sdn. Bhd., had moved in to acquire 80% stake in Deepak's company Astacanggih Sdn Bhd for RM30 million and a 200-acre plot of land from Raja Ropiaah's Awan Megah (M) Sdn Bhd for RM130 million.

The deal has failed to shut out Deepak who has vowed to continue with his "expose". 

However, the PM and his wife, his younger brother (Nazim Razak) and a senior lawyer have yet to speak up or dispute Deepak's allegations.

PM Najib Razak should know that silence is not an option. He needs to break his silence to protect the sanctity and reputation of the PM's Office and position. The PM position/office does not belong to any party or individual. It is a position that comes with heavy responsibility and a need to be accountable to every action taken by the office bearer. 

In order to dispel these allegations, PM Najib must speak up against these allegations. If these allegations are proven to be lies concocted by Deepak to blackmail him and his family, appropriate actions must be taken to ensure that no one shall put a Malaysian Prime Minister in such tight spot or embarrassing situation. 

PM Najib owes it to us to ensure that the PM office and position is not tainted with shame and guilt.

PM Najib risks losing his credibility and his support base if he continues to allow Deepak's allegations go unchallenged!


najib manaukau said...

Obviously Najib and his wife are sticking to the rules that 'silence is golden and the less you talk the less truth will be told'.
One thing is how come he can scream and shout during at the Umno annual assembly yet he is so quite in this case. Or is it because he has sworn in the mosque and to Allah that he has not met the mongolian beauty ever. And that is enough !
May be he should swear on the Koran and call on Allah to be his witness once again just to clear his name and that of his wife. What is happening to this country and silence of all the Malaysians ?
Both Najib and Rosmah talk almost daily yet he has nothing absolutely nothing to say about this issue least they might say the wrong thing. I promise to give him my vote in the coming GE if he dare come out in the open to answer all the allegations Deepak is throwing at him and his wife. I wonder are they able to sleep soundly every night and what do they say to each other on this particular on the allegations thrown at them ? Also what has all the AG , the MACC and the police have to Hontia

Anonymous said...

The office of PM is held om behalf of the Rakyat and hence it must not be tainted. Otherwisw there is no TRUST in its leadership.

Muhammad Azman said...

Hi Khoo,

Despite your contention in not wanting to entertain me further on Lynas issue, I still find your blog attractive enough to comment further.

Let our differences on Lynas aside, for we are in the same camp as far as Cabinet level corruption is concerned.

I can't agree more than what you have written.

Be patient. No matter how long this PM of UMNO delays PRU13, eventually we will get there.

PS. Don't forget to bring along your IC on election day.

Good night Khoo, my friend.

bruno said...

First of all the court case of the two policemen has left out many witnesses,suspects and facts.Immigration records were erased.Nobody was interested to find out who erased the records or hired,gave orders for these two elite policemen to murdered the pretty Mongolian lass.Only person/persons in powerful positions can do these types of things.And strict orders/threats were given to laywers involved to concentrate on these two suspects.There was a coverup from the very start.

Anonymous said...

Why are you not asking the same on Anwar and Azmin that they have to come clean on the Videos and photographs and the infamous 'Omega' watch.

You claim to be neutral but you dont demand the same level of accountability and transparency from Pakatan leaders

Balan Kumar