Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just When You Think That Karpal Singh Is The Most Principled DAP Leader...

I doubt there is any DAP leader or delegate has any intention to challenge the party election results. However, DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh stressed that DAP's decision not to hold fresh party polls to rectify the electoral blunder, should be final as it cannot be challenged in court.

In a short statement today, the Bukit Gelugor MP said the repeated calls for DAP to call a fresh election "should, and must, take into account section 18(c) of the Societies Act 1966 relating to the finality of the decision on such matters by a political party".

He quoted the section which stipulates "the decision of (any) political party to be final and conclusive".

"The decision of a political party or any authorised persons by the party or by its constitution, rules or regulations made thereunder on the interpretation of its constitution, rules or regulations or on any matter relating to the affairs of the party shall be final and conclusive and such a decision shall not be challenged, appealed against, reviewed, quashed or called in question in any court on any ground, and no court shall have jurisdiction to entertain or determine any suit, application, question or proceeding on any ground regarding the validity of such a decision". 

Ironically, it was a provision planted by Dr Mahathir Mohamad after his near defeat in the UMNO's party elections by subjugating the judiciary. The DAP has been quite vocal of Dr Mahathir's interference of the judiciary and the draconian amendment which has given leaders of political parties near autocratic powers. 

I have more problem with Karpal's recital of Section 18(c) of the Societies Act 1966 to quash and quell any possible opposition against the party's decision not to hold fresh elections than the blunder itself. It shows that Karpal and his party leadership have no qualm to use any draconian legal provision created by an authoritarian leader such as Dr Mahathir Mohamad as long as it fits and fulfills the needs of his party.

Can we trust the DAP to it promises us before winning federal power if it is behaving this way? It seems to be enjoying all the trappings created by the BN or use them as justifications for not having enough political will to correct the wrongs such as hillside development in Penang or the promise to hold local elections? 

Can we trust that the DAP and its alliances will put a stop to Lynas rare earth plant without citing huge compensation as a deterrent to halt production?

Can we trust the DAP to get rid of all draconian laws including the Section 18 (c) of the Societies Act 1966, govern fairly and transparently, observe the highest level of professionalism and competency and lead us humbly?

I hope Karpal Singh will use some minutes of his time to ponder over his statement. 


Anonymous said...

Can any organisation especially political parties survive if the court were to allow to intervene in its selection of leaders over any form of claims or accusation? In most elections, there are always parties who are dissatisfied with the results, and even more so, abuse the the court to subvert or harrass the elected leadership.

Anonymous said...

Khoo, sometimes we rakyat need to overlook slight inconvenient mistakes PR made which do not "kill" us bcoz we need to look at the bigger picture that's to take down Darth Vader and its awfully armed evil Imperial dark can never defeat such crafty dangerous monster with only honest johns, simple simons and plain janes.We are overdemanding from them before they could smell a chance to govern, ain't we?.

Anonymous said...

Overlook " slight inconvenient mistakes"? I think not!DAP has made such an issue of transparent and clean elections.If they cannot run a party election in a clean and transparent manner, can we trust them to run national elections? Karpal Singh's dictatorial comments only add to an explosive situation.
Nothing short of new elections will convince many of supporting DAP now. Added to this is "Allah" debacle.Malaysians we need to think how we cast our valuable vote

KY said...


1) Do you really think the DAP Elections is actually a mistake???

2) For a party who had the experience of conducting so many elections in the past, would you think such mistake would be possible???

3) For a party of which consist of so many so-called "Smart Ah Lek" of whom are said to hold MBA & PhD qualifications as their election committee members could make such elementary error???

4) Is it a coincident or on purpose that this error somehow took place when it involves a MELAYU guy of whom is so important to DAP for the simple sake of being perceived as a 'multi racial party' instead of a 'Communist'???

5) Why would it be a hassle NOT to re-conduct another Election??? Wouldn't an re-election be more fair & transparent to the poor unlucky scapegoat loser, the lucky scapegoat winner & the entire party as a whole???

6) Why couldn't Karpal Singh & his sons of whom are reputable lawyers identify & insist on the need for an re-election that would certainly place DAP as a honest party in manipulating their own Election results???

7) What is DAP stance on the 'Allah' issue since now that its' wife (PAS) had came out to say that the word 'Allah' CANNOT be used by non-Muslims??? Or is DAP trying to temporarily sweep this issue under the carpet only to bring it out back in the future for further arguements with its' wife when they win the G.E.???

Damn you DAP!!! Your mama ought to slap you guys hard with her bra till you guys finally wake up. You guys are screwing yaself up badly just in time for the coming G.E.

Anonymous said...

Khoo, this article is great fodder to those cancerous cells that is infecting BN Malaysia! The point is, do we want to continue feeding the cancer cells?