Monday, January 14, 2013

The Price of Politicizing the Word "Allah"

By now, Dap leader Lim Guan Eng should have regretted publishing his Christmas message which called on Putrajaya to allow the use of the term "Allah" in the Malay language Bible. It is so unnecessary because the matter is still on trial in the Malaysian court.

The second mistake, realizing that his party may actually cause some anger amongst Muslim voters in Peninsula Malaysia his party clarified that the use should only be permitted in Sabah and Sarawak. If the use of "Allah" is allowed in Malay Bible, why should it be only confined to both Sabah and Sarawak only? It should be consistently applied throughout the whole country.

Dap should learn never to politicize religion or race for its own political benefit. Race and religion are double-edged swords. They cut both ways. Lim Guan Eng should start to accept and admit that he is not immune to silly mistakes like this one which has been blown out of proportion by his political nemesis. The bad thing is the impact may be felt by all innocent Muslims and Christians if religious tension build up.

A number of leaders in Pas, an ally of Dap in Pakatan Rakyat, supported the use of "Allah" by non-Muslims. Now, its syura council (the party's highest decision making body) says that it is forbidden to use the term as a direct translation to God.

What appears to Lim as an easy point scoring opportunity is now turning into a nightmare for him and his party's continuous liaison with Pas. Malay speaking Christians are not going to be happy with Pas' u-turn and some non-Malay speaking Christians may be unhappy too because they may see it as a direct opposition to the religion. Non-Christians may see it as a constitutional issue which contravenes the right to freedom of religion.

I find it sad and appalling. I am appalled at irrational human beings trying to dictate what and how God should be called. We should count it as a blessing if more people have chosen to be believers. It is a personal matter how they want to call their God. Whichever name they find it respectful and graceful enough.

It is not up to the monarch, politicians, judges or laymen to decide how God should be called or addressed.


TOKY 74 said...

I find this article the best ever article I had ever read from your blog, Khoo!!!

Agree that both religion & race should NEVER be politicized but it's obvious & unfortunate to know our so-called Penang Chief Minister lacks understanding of it. Thru out all these years, the prime methodology engaged by DAP is to instigate anger & dissatisfaction by touching on human emotions such as race disparity, religion rights, who & who had been cheated & the list of crap goes on but since they had taken over the State Govt. in several states; the ironic thing is that they still uses the same old methodology dubbed the 'AMBULANCE CHASER methodology' whereby they clearly lack the understanding that currently it's time to rule & implement-execute beneficial programs as a govt. rather than barking like dogs outside the fence's perimeter.

With G.E. drawing closer, the ties between DAP & PAS is turning sour. Both the party CAN'T agree on many issues & it ponders me how they could even form the next Govt. as a team. No doubt, their main objective is to kick out BN but what would happen next after kicking out BN? Are they gonna then spend our precious time debating & arguing whose policy/rules should be implemented & rejected? It seems DAP-PAS-PKR hasn't got a concrete LONG TERM plans to form the next govt. besides only having the same objectives as a SHORT TERM plan.

What DAP & PAS is trying to do now is to sweep the issues of 'ALLAH' usage & Hukum Hudud under the carpet & only to bring it out back for further arguments should they form the govt. In short say, they are trying to cheat, fool & make use of 'the rakyat' for their own selfish personal gain.

Next, I wonder would ANWAR IBRAHIM be the ideal choice as the so-called CEO of Malaysia? I'm afraid NOT. Let us NOT forget this man was a former UMNO guy regardless & once a UMNO man; one will always be a UMNO man. The roots inside ANWAR IBRAHIM is clearly written UMNO all over it. His thinking, his mentality, his way of doing things, his priorities are all home bred under the house of UMNO. Having him as the CEO or PM would only mean having another UMNO leader to lead the country. He's of course a very good orator but commonly a good speaker is usually a poor worker. I seriously doubt this man.

I'm saddened come the G.E., we haven't got a choice to enable our country to achieve greater heights. Both choices are comparatively the same WITHOUT much hope. One may even say, on our RIGHT HAND is a leech sucking our blood dry, while on the LEFT HAND is a CUNNING WOLF in sheep's skin waiting to pound on us as prey.

Does this mean I should just forget about voting? Perhaps...."YES, forget it!!!"

Anonymous said...

Although it was politically a mistake, i am quite happy that he brought it up. It is an issue that needs to be cleared and not left pending in the courts and everyone pretending that its gone away. It has not. Now it is clear where everyone stands. umno and pas have the same opinion. that is clear now. However only umno jolds absolute power so i am not bothered about pas opinion as they are part of a coalition

Anonymous said...

The " One GOD Almighty " be Praised at all Times ! Spiritual Wisdom and PEACE from Above shall continue to fill the hearts and minds of all MALAYSIANS well Blessed in His NAME for evermore !

Muhammad Hamdan said...

If you should know our prophet Muhammad the Last Messenger did also use the name of ALLAH in his politic agreement with Islam's opponent at Hudhoybiyah with the Quraysh infidels.

the first literature use in the agreement is "In the name of You O ALLAH. This is the truce agreement between Muhammad son of Abdullah and Suhayl son of Amr".

Pua Weng Lee said...

DAP had accidentally taken a gun putting right into its' mouth & then triggered a suicide.

Their own election results manipulation, Hukum Hudud disagreement with its' wife (PAS) & the 'Allah' issue showed DAP is 'clueless' on which direction it should be heading with their so-called lovers (PAS & PKR).

For the sake of wanting itself to be called a 'multiracial party', they went to the extent of changing the final results so that they can have 1 poor Melayu guy named as being voted in. In directly, DAP is telling all those idiots inside DAP whom carry the the academic qualifications of MBA & PhD as a bunch of DUMB & DUMBER.

For the sake of wanting to champion the rights of the Chinese, they disagreed with the Hukum Hudud wishes of its' wife (PAS). They don't want Chinese hands too be chopped off becos of stealing, They don't want Chinese mouths to be washed with acid if caught eating pork, They don't want Chinese legs to be amputated becos of kicking a Malay & they don't want Chinese cocks to be castrated becos of being caught in a prostitution den.

For the sake of championing the rights of Christianity of whom many DAP supporters are into, they insist the word 'ALLAH' can be used by anybody despite final objection from its' wife (PAS Syura Council).

These signs clearly showed DAP will eventually go into war with PAS if we vote PAKATAN RAKYAT as the next govt. The next May 13th will be sparked off NOT becos of BN, not becos of UMNO, not becos of Perkasa but becos of DAP & PAS.

Anonymous said...

Never mix Islam together with Christianty....

It's the recipe to ultimate disaster

Anonymous said...


For Malaysia, a non-Arab speaking nation, demanding to use the Arabic word "Allah" for 'Tuhan' (ie. God, in Malay) in the Malay version bible, is simply seen as a means to confuse the Malay-speaking (mother tongue) people who are Muslims.

1. would the Chinese & Indian Christians who have been reading bible in English (& other non-Malay languages), read in Malay?

2. why the Sudden 'need' to call God or Lord, Allah (by the Chinese & Indians) like the Christians in Arab-speaking countries?

3. This region is a non-Arabic speaking region & there's no logic for the Christians here to follow the Arabs or Arab speaking people in the Middle-East for the name of God/Lord.

4. They should eagerly follow the proper/original bible language in Hebrew which calls God, "Elohim" or "Yahweh",
and not at all the Arabic word which; btw, is the proper/original language used in the Muslims' holy book, the Al-QuranulKarim.


Anonymous said...

This is where I disagree with you Khoo. It is good that this issue was brought up before the GE13. Lets confront the issue n see what comes of it. One thing for certain, it's not going to change my mind who I am going to vote. The other thing I am certain is that GOD is in control of this country n there is always a purpose why this issue cropped up before the GE13.Settle this issue b/w the PR coalition so that there will be no bickering after PR wins the GE.