Monday, February 25, 2013

Local Government Elections in Penang: Gimmick or Real Deal?

Yesterday, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng announced that the state government must sue the federal government and the EC to compel the commission to conduct the local government elections here.
Lim said that the state legislature has jurisdiction to call for local elections under the Ninth Schedule and Article 113 (4) of the Federal Constitution.
“There is nothing in the Federal Constitution that says the state government can compel the EC to conduct local government elections,” Baljit said.
He told The Malaysian Insider that the state government also has the manpower and funds to hold the local government elections without the EC.
If this is the case, what stops the Penang government from holding the local government elections? Straight Talk reiterates its support for the reinstatement of local government elections. Local councillors should be responsible directly to the people and not merely act as political appointees working for the benefit of locally elected state assemblymen. 
I agree with Gerakan Legal Bureau chief Baljit Singh that the state government can conduct its own elections without having to wait for EC to do it for them since they have the manpower and funds to do so. 
I would like to urge BN Penang chairman Teng Chang Yeow, who is Baljit's party boss, to support the call for local government elections be held within the next 60 days.
Penang Legislative Assembly had unanimously passed the Local Government Elections (Penang Island and Province Wellesley) Enactment 2012 on 9 May 2012.
Hence, barring any legal challenges from the Barisan Nasional federal government or the Election Commission, local government elections must be held in Penang within 180 days from the day the enactment has been enforced.
Both PR and BN should immediately agree on the Local Government Elections date to discourage any attempt to politicize the situation for the next GE. I am sure a number of individuals would be encouraged to participate in the elections and eventually serve as the first batch of elected councillors since the 60's. 
Penang CM Lim Guan Eng should have gone ahead with the local government elections after the enactment was approved last year. It will make more political sense for him to fulfill his party's pledge to bring back local government elections and face a lawsuit from the EC and Federal Government.
Unless, like what Baljit has alleged, Lim is only using this summons as an election gimmick to bolster his coalition's chance in the next GE. 


Ong said...

Since 2008 till date, PAKATAN RAKYAT had gone from a hopeful government to a out of sort hopefuls. The Hudud issue, the Allah issue & many more unfulfilled promises based on their previous manifesto had certainly put a bad limelight over PAKATAN RAKYAT. Of course, there are still many people supporting them especially the urban Chinese of whom are quite hard headed who will never change their mind until they subsequently falls into the hole but if we were to look at how events had turned based on these few recent years, it's obvious to see BARISAN NASIONAL is the party which is making more contributions to the rakyat. Regardless of its' reason, I can only foresee BARISAN NASIONAL being the one which could steer the nation upwards. Please don't get me wrong becos I'm NOT saying PAKATAN RAKYAT is hopeless. The reason why I see BARISAN NASIONAL is more constructive is becos PAKATAN RAKYAT lacks the mentality & will to steer the nation forward. All PAKATAN RAKYAT had been doing are harping on old issues & provocating people to hate BARISAN NASIONAL of which brings no purpose at all in terms on constructive approach towards the next generation.

It's a govt. that could think beyond tomorrow instead of a govt. that is still harping on yesterday's issues which is much important to us!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, your BN is so construtive in the PKFZ scandal, the cowgate scandal, all the crony inflated contracts given out to your goons, etc. Yeah right, your BN is so forward looking till its pro UMNO BN websites still calling others pigs, babi, penumpang, pendatangs and supports the racist organisation called perkasa. Yeah right your BN is harping on future forward issues by promoting a film called Tanda Putera about the event 43 years ago which many chose to forget. Yeah right your BN bringing the nation to the next level by paying for slogans after slogans which your BN have no will to implement. Yeah right you BN is so good managing the country's resources until Malaysia is a debt free nation. Yeah right your BN is so clean and straight until we have outranked Singapore in the corruption index. Yeah right your BN is so efficient for the past 55 yeras until we have one of the highest ratio of civil servants to the population. Yeah right your BN is so peace loving till a person advocating the burning of bibles is still roaming free and the person belitlling Thaipusam is still spewing venom in the newspaper. Yeah right you BN is surely bringing us forward in your wildest dreams.