Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pandan Candidacy: Is Dr Chua's MCA Checkmated?

It appears that Dr Chua Soi Lek was trying to avert his nemesis Ong Tee Keat being nominated to defend his Pandan parliamentary seat by suggesting that Ong is not on his party's list to contest the next GE. He was trying to preempt the possibility of Ong being nominated by PM Najib as a BN direct candidate.

Here's where the problems lie; it is a body blow to the MCA which has been seen as subservient to UMNO. The party's foes especially the DAP has been going around suggesting that MCA is anything but a puppet of UMNO. By overriding Dr Chua on his choice of candidate for Pandan, PM Najib is going to reinforce this perception and DAP has an additional bullet to use for the upcoming GE.

The only MCA president who had stood up for his principle against UMNO was the late Dr Lim Chong Eu. When his demand for 40 parliamentary seats was rejected by Tunku Abdul Rahman, their relationship worsened. Lim left MCA in 1960 and came back to form UDP in 1962; which was a precursor to Gerakan. I was privileged to interview the late Dr Lim for three consecutive days at his office.

What is Dr Chua going to do next? Overnight, his party has lost a seat to UMNO. Technically, Ong Tee Keat is an UMNO-sponsored candidate for the Pandan seat. Meanwhile, what is the status of Ong's membership in MCA? Technically, Ong has committed a grave disciplinary offense by refusing to heed his party's instruction to vacate his seat for another candidate, Gary Lim. Is Chua going to call for a disciplinary action against Ong?

Dr Chua is wary of the fact that a victorious Ong may threaten his power base in MCA if the party wins less than its last tally of 15 parliamentary seats. A resurgent Ong is something Chua would hate to see and worse if the former makes a comeback as the next president of MCA assuming that most of senior leaders lose their seats. Among the leaders, Liow Tiong Lai is looking quite solid in defending his turf. The same cannot be said for Wee Ka Siong, Chua Tee Yong, Ng Yen Yen and others.

Najib's decision to field direct BN candidates has both pros and cons. It could usher in a new era for the racially divided coalition to eventually merge into a single multiracial party; starting with UMNO, MCA and MIC.

On the flip side, fielding direct candidates especially those who are facing some personal conflicts with their respective party suggests that BN is indeed quite fractious and UMNO is now left with no choice but to dictate the whole candidacy for the 13th GE. Direct candidates are going to appear in Sarawak too since SUPP, PRS and SPDP are facing a split too.

For now, Dr Chua is facing a leadership crisis in MCA. He wants to project himself as a strong and decisive leader in MCA and an equal senior partner in BN. Being told to rescind on his decision is a setback he does not need now.

PM Najib may be attempting to save Pandan by putting the rest of MCA seats at risk! And Dr Chua's opponents are going to have a field day questioning his "Mojo" (re: Austin Power).

It is surely a sweet sweet revenge for Ong.


bruno said...

Khoo,what can Chuah Soi Lek do to Ong Tee Keat,since he has lost his balls a long time ago.He lost his balls trying to get away from the cameras when he was caught with his birdie going astray.That is how useless this creep CSL is.And he has the thick skin to make a comeback in politics.

How can a disgraced politician who has his birdie caught in the mouth of a whore,with thousands of copies of dvd's distributed to the public make a comeback in politics on his own.The reson he was able to chased OTK from the MCA presidency was wih the help of his political masters,the Umnoputras.

OTK was already a thorn in the asses of Umnoputras,harping non stop on the PKFZ scandal.To get rid of OTK,Umnoputras backed CSL.So this present porn star presodent of MCA is a sworned dog of Umno.Therefore he is the ball-less man of MCA.And he has proved it by being the lowdown rat he is,by lying about OTK not getting to stand again in Pandan,when nothing yet is decided.

lyc said...

I don't know. It seems OTK's "candidacy was decided in an "election war room" meeting, chaired by the PM himself.
What "war room" meeting?
The main stream media reported none of this.
And, I personally think the PM is smarter than this "war" move.
Someone spinning this whole thing??!!

Anonymous said...

Chua CD will have to follow whatever Umno dictates as he will be looking at 20 years behind bar under section 377 of the Penal Code should he defies Umno/.

looes74 said...

I guess OTK gonna lose big & Rafizi is saved by Azmin Ali's scheme. So said ktemoc from australia

Hahahaha, It's my comment la

Christopher Tang said...

heads you win tails i lose situation for MCA lol