Thursday, February 14, 2013

Teng Chang Yeow Must Explain Psy's Death Threats To Avoid Tarnishing Penang's Good Image

Most of us take the whole Psy episode in good spirit. Even BN should be given a credit for bringing the Gangnam style sensation to Penang. It was a good opportunity to see Psy sing and dance in person because it helped us to better understand the euphoria about the Gangnam style K-pop song.

It was meant to be light hearted when Psy failed to appear on stage for the "lou sang" tossing ceremony. We laughed about it but mostly of us felt that it was a major coordination mistake made by the event organizer for failing to notify and coordinate Psy's appearance on stage. 

Some of us agreed that it was not proper for Psy not to appear briefly on stage even if he may not want to participate in the "lou sang" tossing ceremony. PM Najib was a guest of honour and it was an acceptable practice for artistes to appear briefly for photo taking opportunity. 

It was still tolerable for some to make fun of PM Najib in his embarrassing attempt to seek a positive response from the crowd when he asked if they were ready for BN. If anything, it was a poor PR coordination by the organizing committee. Despite the desperation of wanting to project the PM as a cool leader, it is very important to ensure that he appears dignified and respectable. 

However, it is a serious matter when Gerakan's Teng Chang Yeow alleges that there was an attempt on K-pop sensation Psy's life that forced organisers to call off plans to have the singer participate in a "yee sang" tossing ceremony with Barisan Nasional (BN) dignitaries during the coalition's recent Chinese New Year open house.
State BN chief Teng Chang Yeow said today that they were told to ensure the police were on high alert due to the death threats the superstar received before he came here.
He denied speculation that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak left the stage after Psy did not come up when invited to toss "yee sang" with BN leaders.
Teng said the delay in Psy making his appearance was due to security measures to prevent an attempt on his life.
"There was an attempt on Psy's life so the police had to act to secure the area since his tent was a distance to the stage, that's why we ask the prime minister to come down from the stage," he said.
He said Psy had received death threats if he came to Penang to perform.
Teng's claims are serious and may be potentially damning for Penang and its image as a vibrant and popular tourist destination. If his claims are true, the intention of bringing Psy to Penang to boost its tourism image has created a negative perception for the state for being hostile and unsafe to international artistes and superstars.
As a Penangite, I would like to urge Teng and the Penang Police Chief to give us a full explanation on Teng's claims and allegations. If the threats were received before Psy came to Penang, was there a police report made and what are the measures taken to ensure that Psy's visit would not turn out disastrous for the singer and for the organizer.
I would like to urge the Penang state government and the local authority to lodge a police report against the allegations and investigate Teng's claims thoroughly. 
Penang's image as a safe, popular and UNESCO World Heritage destination is at stake if the claims of an attempt on Psy's life is not properly investigated. 
I am sure most Penangites would like an explanation too. 


Anonymous said...

Read somewhere that Psy went for lunch after the performance which can only mean one thing....the so call threat is a half-baked story cooked up to save face! If there is a threat, shouldn't Psy be advised to stay inside the hotel and food be brought to him instead???? I DO NOT believe this BULLSHIT!

proud2bmalaysian said...

Teng is very weak in political damage control. Wonder who coached him.

Agree on your thoughts. Mine is in this link.

Teng Digging Hole Deeper

bruno said...

Bad planning and co-ordination by the useless good for nothing ball carring organisers.Just look at that lady emcee,trying to imitate the stocky Psy horsing around.

Psy was probably busy mingling around the crowd looking for tangachis and amoys to hook up with.Or else where was he that he couldn't be found.

As usual the losers,one of them a lap dog named Teng blaming the family doggies and pussies.Such a useless creep.

bruno said...

If you ask me this Penang BN chief Teng,after doing a blow job would not know the difference between a penis and a dick.No wonder his Gerakan is heading to extintion like the once great dinosaur.2

the mean machine said...

This Teng Chan Yeow must be a fool speaking through his noses.Who he trying to lie to.Even he cannot be smart enough to fool a monkey.Stupid idiot this guy who wants to be a politician but good enough to be a janitor cleaning toilets.

Anonymous said...

I think the threat came when the people were not ready to accept certain political party

the toothless fella. said...

Even during the last dying days of a authoritarian regime,there are still shameless persons such as Teng willing to lie their asses out.Another LTL in the making.