Monday, March 04, 2013

Those Who Have Not Used Any Public Transport Should Not Speak About It? Do You Agree?

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng's press secretary Cheong Yin Fan posted on a Facebook page of Dap's supporter, SK Thew, and my reaction to his post. Thew says, "Some Penangites can be so naive to keep pressing on Penang State Government for a better public transportation system without understanding it's only with the blessings of Transport Ministry and Federal Government, then only things will move. Think."

I posted a message which says; "i thought pr is confident of winning the next GE which is weeks away. approval not an issue rite? even LGE admitted public transport is the best solution. are (sic) I still naive?

Cheong's reaction; "most importantly , those who talk the most abt public transport never use it in their life except plane"

I am not sure about Anil Netto, Dr Lim Ma Hui and a number of other Penangites who have spoken up against the CM decision to build roads and tunnel worth RM6.3 billion. But I would try to take a Rapid Penang bus whenever possible in Penang.

If going by her rationale, those who have not used any public transport should not discuss the issue? It means we should not be talking about a lot of other issues today including the Lahad Datu armed conflict, custodial death, corruption (unless you have done it before) etc. Most probably a lot of us have not been there or done that.

Do you agree with her statement? 


Anonymous said...

Aiyah !!! Why waste time with this type of people who cant even appreciate healthy debate. They only can see from their own glass and this is the type of politics that has been promoted since 308. I did vote for them but this time around, I will definitely no longer do so. I think they will just tell me to go ahead and I hope that they will repeat this to many many more.
The characteristics -
a) When losing out in an argument, start to call the other party names.
b) Intimidate anyone who doesnt agree with them. Use the Cyber Bullies tactic. Yes, these are the people who fought for fairness and justice but they are the same people who perform cyber bullying.
c) Anything under the sun, they need to make a judgement.
d) Find someone to blame for anything that goes wrong. (No wonder you get ...)
e) Politice all religious events as long as it help to be populist.
f) Put everything that is populist in Manifesto. Yes, where is the free parking that was promised in the 308 Manifesto. I am sure this one no need Federal Government to approved.
g) Many, many more...
h) I will be surprised if none of their cyber troppers comment on this post.

Anonymous said...

Gavin, try using public transport in kl. It's world-class all right...a world-class nightmare!

Billie cudk said...

I would say the press secretary is inexperienced, harsh and tactless in conducting herself and making such a wide abusive sweeping statement.

So, CM you are belittling "these pepole who talk the most"?

By virtue she is your press secretary, these are infact your statement and opinion of these critics of which you preach to govern Penang through engaging with the people, People-centric?

I have much faith in you CM so please hide the "loose canon" behind the desk.

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 12.30,

This is why emphasis should be put on the creation of better public transport system. Imagine most entry level employees are forced to buy a car to get to work. What does this translate to the demand power of the country? Most of them are already in debt before they start earning a decent salary.

Kenny said...

Like what MAHATHIR said...

"When it comes to transportation, everybody tend to speak like a Transport Minister"

"When it comes to war, everybody tend to speak like a General"

"These people are a bunch of KEYBOARD WARRIORS but when it comes to action...their BALLS somehow will fall into the longkang"

Dang!!! Our beloved country is now being attacked & yet there are some quarters especially people from PAKATAN RAKYAT are politicizing about this issue. This kind people are pure bastards with no love for the country & its' people. In fact, what we all should do now is to be UNITED & stand behind our government & warriors in Sabah (not criticizing, politicizing & talking crap about this & that).

PRU-13 is coming. Should BARISAN NASIONAL lose, then, our country might be in danger of another attack by a new group of forces dubbed PAKATAN RAKYAT. Every donkey knew PAKATAN RAKYAT is backed by foreign power & should Malaysia fall into their hands, then, we can be sure these foreign powers will enforce their rules in our land.

Time to stay UNITED!!! Time to support BN for a safer future!!!

All PAKATAN RAKYAT know is just bloodshed & cruelty as a way for solution & this is HITLER's kind of way.

Ong Eu Soon 王佑舜 said...

Guan Eng the emperor with his new outfit already bare all for us to see. He openly award a RM2 shelf company that never participated in the tender process. The RM2 shelf company only setup soon after the tender was close. The tender was called in Nov 2011 and closed in June 2012. The company was established in July 2012. Unless the RM2 company know how to go back to the future like Micheal J Fox, there is no way it could participate in the so called open tender. Guan Eng's insisted the tender was awarded thru' open tender to the lowest bid. During the post tender negotiation he has persuaded those companies formally tendered own their own to group together to form this new RM2 company and ask it to accept a prefixed deal in order to emerge as the lowest bidder. Lim Guan Eng will go to jail soon for this blunt manipulation. The project will not materialize when he is in jail. Say good bye to the royal highness who look extremely good in his new outfit.

Anonymous said...

You guys will never wake up.Which data show that less linkages between mainland and island and less highways means less vehicles on the island?The number of vehicles will still increase. Would you prefer to have 1 million vehicles on narrow roads or wider roads?Pls think logically.Pls compare the roads here with those in Singapore, HK, Taiwan, etc.Talking about public transport. Yes, it is a good solution to solve the traffic jam issue but what type of public transportation can be implemented on Penang Island when the roads are so narrow and so congested?Do you expect the public transport to fly?Even if you put more busses on the road,they will also contribute to the traffic congestion and get stuck together with other vehicles on the roads and their efficiency will be affected.Do you think the public will take the public transport in this condition?If you talk about monorail, the rail has to be elevated and since our roads are so narrow and land is scarce, where to build the elevated monorail?The elevated monorail is also not suitable for the George Town heritage zone. The best option is therefore the underground MRT, similar to Singapore, HK, Taiwan,etc. and keep the land area for road widening but the costs are very high.Apart from the costs, the approval is in the hands of federal government.What CM is doing now is within his capabilities and based on what is needed now and in future, whether or not there is a good public transportation in place. There is no guarantee that PR will take over Putrajaya and therefore,it is not right for him to keep waiting.If PR takes over Putrajaya, it is still possible to plan for public transportation in Penang but wider roads are still needed. If you think we do not need MRT now, it is again a wrong mentality.If we have built the MRT system 20 yrs ago, we would not be spending so much now as the costs were much lower then.It was a big mistake done by the previous government as they did not have forward thinking mentality. Similarly, we may not need the tunnel now but it is cheaper to build it now for future needs. Do not wait till it is needed urgently then only start to build even when the costs are very much higher, like what is happening to the KL MRT.Bear in mind that the population in Penang will increase over time. It will come to a time when 2 links are no longer sufficient to support the traffic volume.Additional links will also help to disperse the traffic to different areas rather than concentrating them on 1 or 2 areas like what is happening to the entrance of the current Penang Bridge during peak hrs. Even without the 3rd link, people will still drive to the island via the 1 and only Penang Bridge and therefore, causing severe traffic congestion on the bridge during peak hrs. So where is the logic to say that the 3rd link and highways on the island will cause more traffic congestion?Where do the additional vehicles come from?Are you saying that just because the roads are wider, 1 person will be able to drive 2 to 3 cars on the roads at one time?Do you know how many bridges and undersea tunnels does HK Island have?Are they causing severe traffic congestion on HK Island?I am surprise that you guys are still having the same mentality as 20 yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

If you want Penang to be world class, pls think for future and not as "katak di bawah tempurung" people. Singapore Gov has already started to study and plan their infrastructure based on future needs. You guys should read more about what the gov of other countries are doing and what is really happenning in Penang and Malaysia instead of just criticising wihtout facts. Pls think logically and provide workable ideas.If you think BN can solve the problem, why are we still having the problem now?They should have solved the problem long time ago when they were in power as it is not a new problem.Even now when Penang is under PR, the federal government could have done something to solve the problem as Penang is still part of Malaysia but the fact is BN is only interested in the tax that Penangites and the MNCs here are paying and nothing else.Where are the double decker Rapid Penang busses promised by the federal government few yrs ago?Only idiots will still vote for BN. I do not understand why you guys are having problems with just few ringgit of parking fees when you guys could afford to pay very high taxes to the BN federal government for new cars.Why don't you go bark at the BN government to cut the super high excise duty for new cars which could be more than 100%?

Anonymous said...

Ong Eu Soon,where did you get the info that there was no open tender and that it was a RM2 company that won the tender?You better get your facts right and evidence ready to back you up.Else, you will be the one going to jail.

tunglang said...

I don't / can't afford to stay in a million Ringgit home of the richie, so does that mean I can't say a thing about all these frenzy development meant only for the rich & famous in Penang?
It looks like the authoritarian old days of the "shut up & listen, listen, listen"!