Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Post GE Observation - Penang

I was reflecting on the post-GE political situation in Penang. There are some observations and advice to all:

1) Do not attempt to corrupt. The ruling party will abet the people to take it. The people will take it, enjoy your free food and curse you for doing so. They shout corruption, you shout charity.

2) Penang people are the best actors in the world. They will shake your hands during these free dinners, smile and give encouraging words but go online to really give you a piece of their mind.

3) BN should really stop insulting the people of Penang with BR1M. They had voted overwhelming against you because you gave them RM500 a year. The people will take your money, claimed that you had insulted them and the ruling party will take credit for it. So, BN should learn the lesson and stop all BR1M to Penang next year.

4) People went out to vote because it is the GE. This is something they need to do but they do not think you should really contest as a candidate from the Corrupted, Racist and Dirty coalition. They can already get a two party system from the three parties in the ruling coalition. They can do their own check-and-balance. Sometimes, they can contest against one another too. BN non-UMNO candidates should really CLOSE down all their service centres in Penang

5) BN candidates should learn a new reality as an opposition. There is no need to serve for 5 years and try get elected. With the current political situation, even if you spend 50 years of community work, you will still be called a prostitute and a lap dog during the campaign. Even your neighbour will vote against you. So, if Penang needs an opposition 2 weeks can kautim them already.

6) If you are smart, you should start to copy right these slogans: Tetap UBAH!, Sekali Lagi Lah! Kita Kena Rompak 2013! Tiap Tiap Kali Lah! UBAH 2.0! and as many variations you can think of. It will make you a small fortune!

7) The results? You should go straight to the majority. Duh! Which non-UMNO candidates stand a chance? Even a crooked undersea tunnel will be seen as an icon of Penang. Penang Tetap Boleh!


Anonymous said...

Penang Li Bai

D.Swami Gwekanandam said...

You mus hate LGE, even near elections you were running him down. Right?

Anonymous said...

Pru 13 stands for democracy so whatever voters choice is paramount important.As for sir to downgrade a person choice is unwise.Put it if you are brave enough to comment on PR shortcomings why not go on BN platform and be ready for PRU 14.Do it !TQ

Khoo Kay Peng said...


Penang elections is not just about LGE. When did i run him down personally? I criticized his policy on urban development, local development plan (or a lack of it) and the undersea tunnel.

He is an elected CM and he is duty bound to answer them. You are being personal if you keep on accusing me of the unnecessary. Can't I ask and criticize?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

Anon 11.19pm,

Which part of the points is not accurate? Tell me. Which par of it is running down someone or their choice?

I will do it when the time comes like standing up for what i truly believe in. Thanks for your suggestion.

Unknown said...

You are just so disappointed that the majority of Penang do not think like you and you were hoping that Lim Guan Eng should be rejected because he had proposed the undersea tunnel.

Fung C.F. said...

Khoo, this is the most emotional post I've ever seen from you.

I have to agree that Penangites voted emontionally, thanks to the provocations by Najib (for asking are you ready), Jho Low and Goh Choon Lye (for you-know-what), and Teng (for many childish remarks that I can't recall). I mean, seriously, with this kind of sentiments, who would care about the tunnel issue or any other social issue?

Gerakan now even declared close shop (service centres) in Penang. Sounded like they did not expect this humiliation coming, give me a break. Stop fighting already? Ptui! How many years it took LKS to get Penang?

Face it Khoo. Politic is about winning people's heart, and BN+Gerakan has done literally nothing close to that category.

Check and balance is still pretty much there, though not via a 2-party system, but via the federal-state-government system. I don't think I need to elaborate further on that. If the "opposition" of Penang is sincerely wanted to win Penangites' heart, get federal to work with state government to solve the Penang problems. Winning back Penang is no longer a 5-year project for BN and Gerakan, they should start early.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


It is definite inaccurate. I was only promoting two good opposition candidates. The PT one was obvious because an opposition assemblyman would be able to scrutinise the project better. How can I call them to reject LGE when we only proposed PT as a referendum? I m sad you think this way. This is the rule of thumb in any govt, ppl will oppose the one approving poor policy. If you don't like it, then do not approve and try to muscle through a policy without proper studies. I have yet to hear you rebut on the undersea tunnel. You are too fixated with LGE. I can see why

Khoo Kay Peng said...


The ppl of Penang have a right to reject BN, similarly BN have a right not to continue servicing. Why insult their right? I reckon that before the change of fed govt the sentiments in the next GE will still be the same. It will be UBAH 2.0 and ppl will vote for the party again. I think they are just being practical. Who wants to serve as non-Umno coordinators and face the insults from u guys ? Some are really decent ppl like Rowena and dr Thor. They do not owe u living mate. It is their democratic choice to serve or not. I m a centrist and I am sad too that we can't make our opposition bench a bit more lively and constructive. Yes , very emotional. U mean next time any party can just ask a few biz men to do the same and win big? Pls do not blame Rowena entirely for the emotional voting pattern. Blame us too for not seeing a bigger picture. Free meals pale in comparison to the undersea tunnel but Penang ppl need to see to believe. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Khoo Kay Peng,
Good observation. In point number four you revealed your true inclination. The repeated use of "They". So I infer that PR must be the "They" and therefore you subconsciously must be in the group "Us". That explains the enigma in you.

Fung C.F. said...


Just to clarify before I continue, I am not a Penang voter, but I'm staying in Penang for since 5 years.

Like I said, DAP did not turn into superstar in one night. No doubt that being a Gerakanian is extremely shameful nowadays, but that's the branding they shaped up since pre-GE12, coupled with Umno in its liability bag, it is hard to stand up again. But wasn't DAP like that last time? (Ok maybe not as embarrassed as Gerakan now)

Gerakan was strong back then thanks to Tun Lim C.E.'s rising. Gerakan is now lacking of national leaders who is willing to fight for people. To me, Teng looked more like a grassroot leader than a national leader. They should work with MCA, especially the top guys, to fight back Penang. LKS and LGE have built their national reputation and I don't think any grassroot leader can topple them.

To me a non-Penangite, I'm totally fine with the DAP dominance here, because I want them to be a strong opposition nationally.

I'm just trying to look this case in an objective way, not the story of Rowena.

Yew Chang said...

Dear Khoo,

This is possibly your most emotional piece to date, and possibly your best because of exactly that. Please do not let the results of GE 13 deter or stop you from writing what you truly believe in. I may not agree with what you say all the time, but I still enjoy reading what you write!

That said, I'm thinking you wrote about the br1m out of spite. Government policies should be equal to everyone regardless of their political inclination. Poor people are poor regardless of which party they vote, right? Haha with all the said and done, I actually feel that you have been away from penang island for some time and did lose touch with the way penang island people think. I've been back from overseas for 6 years now, and penang island ppl truly are unique!

Heck, for all the good reads you have provided, I'd like to buy you a beer sometime (if u drink la) too...

Khoo Kay Peng said...

'They' refer to the voters in Penang. I can't help if you intend to put everything in a partisan perspective. There is every truth in what I had observed unless you choose to disagree.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


I agree with you on the national side. It s textbook politics that we need to change govt at least 2x to claim that we are a true democracy.

My entire focus is on promoting a stronger multiracial voice in Penang assembly. So, we are really not talking on the same terms.

So, if we cannot separate the state with the fed. I am sure you will enjoy your DAP dominance. I am a voter here and I would like to see a healthier state opposition esp with the tunnel issue being so hazy.

Unknown said...

Ah Khoo, Ah Khoo, You may not aware that your recent articles were so skewed towards anti LGE than anything else. You have the right to comment and likewise, we have the right to comment about you also - Fair and square.
Building the tunnel is still deemed it as a better project that building a stupid tallest skyscraper in KL. Have you ever commented this? Our government build KLIA2 with cost overrun, delay for multiple times etc. Have you commented about all these mega project that wasted billion of rakyat money?
I know you will not publish my comment but at least you can personally read it yourself and start to do your own soul searching. You just disqualified yourself as political analyst.

Fung C.F. said...


Actually I'm still debating on the state assembly perspective, what I meant was Penang opposition needs a new "Lim Kit Siang", if you get what I mean.

Anyway, nice debating with you :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Khoo please stop your egoistic way of answering every comments.Just read and prepare your next article.TQ

Qining said...


Walau A.

Gerakan decide to close all their service centre in Penang.

You macam know how the flow going to be la.. kena prey u like tokong. rather than LGE. Hehe..

Khoo Kay Peng said...


Your recent response has given me so much nightmare that i cant close my eyes at night thinking about it. the only remedy is to publish it.

whether i am disqualified or not, let ppl decide lah. i have written everything you had mentioned if you are not too laze to search and find out. if i do not write about Penang's issues and LGE's odd decision then I should really disqualify myself for being DAP sympathizer.


The menara warisan is stupid. i totally agree with. but KLIA 2 is not stupid. only stupid contractor.

Khoo Kay Peng said...


you made me confused. ok, i agree. we need a new Lim kit Siang. if we do not encourage and give an opposition member a chance, where can you get another kit in day one?

Khoo Kay Peng said...

anon 7.14pm,

i am not running a media company. of course, if readers responded i have to do the same. if LGE has an ego, i am merely learning from my good friend. i really admire him actually. but i would rather he become a good CM than just my good friend by keeping my mouth shut.

who else can keep up with him? a man not hearing any critical input for long will ended up thinking he is always right. when this happens, you would have spoilt him

Khoo Kay Peng said...


They are just being smart lah. Not my credit. If they did not close down, the results are still going to be the same.

Ppl are still going for the blood. now worse, they will even throw their undies at BN candidates esp those from Gerakan.

siao ar, why continue?

GuyFawkes said...

I don't see how KKP can be considered to be anti-LGE when he criticises the CM's policies and not the man. Also, political affiliations and inclinations are related to human rights. No one has the right to condemn or demonise anyone for his or her political choices even if it happens to be pro BN. For PR or DAP supporters to do so would be hypocritical considering the values and principals PR, especially DAP in Penang supposedly professes.