Monday, July 15, 2013

Politicians and Zealots Are the Main Culprits For Malaysian Education Decay

I had spoken to a number of local CEOs on their recruitment and manpower dilemma. A local CEO told me that he would hire anyone with "a pulse" who walks into his office! A number of them lamented that they are left with the lesser qualified because the country is going through a serious brain drain issue.

If the discourse of education remained the same from 10 years ago, that the best students were not selected for local universities, the Federal government should not lament over the outflow of talents overseas. If some students with cumulative grade point averages (CGPA) of 4.0 were unable to get places in universities, the Ministry of Education and the selection panel have to ponder over their roles seriously. 

A lack of integrity and meritocracy in the selection process is a sure bet to push the nation backward. How can we hope to compete on brain power and attract FDI on our best talents if the authorities are working to deny the best students places in our local universities? We are barely 7 years away from the grand vision and milestone of 2020. I do not think it bears any significant meaning if our dialogue on education is still stuck with the same issue? 

Now, the zealots in the ministry want to make the Islamic and Asian Civilisation Studies (Titas) to be a compulsory subject for local private colleges. The question is why just the Islamic studies? In a Friday report, Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said in a parliamentary written reply to Dr Ko Chung Sen (DAP-Kampar) that the move was to standardise requirements between public and private universities. He said that the move, to take effect in private tertiary institutions on Sept 1, would also include Ethnic Relations and Malaysian Studies.

Yet, the ministry and Pemandu want to make Malaysia a regional education hub? What can the ministry hope to achieve by making these subjects compulsory? Again, the politicians are making the people the sacrificial lambs for their own political mischief that has been contributing to disunity, ethnoreligious conflicts and racial tensions. 

Why would international students want to come to Malaysia and spend their time taking so many compulsory subject which do not contribute to their cognitive skills? Why would non-Muslim students want to do the same?

If the Federal government insists on implementing these subjects, because this is their mother land and birthright, they should make them as electives. Remember, compulsion is not part of Islam. Compulsion can be a huge push factor too. It might end up doing more bad than good for the understanding of Islam and its civilisation.

It is time for our civil servants, ministers and academicians do the right thing. Arrest the decline of our education system and start to create good quality graduates before the trend sees a collapse of our knowledge economy. 

Already, the employers are lamenting about the lack of qualified and good quality graduates and workers. Some are paying for more than they should for second grade workers. Others may just move abroad to take an advantage of better employees availability. 

It is a wake up call for the nation. It is time for the people to tell our politicians to be careful of their antics and stop meddling with our education system. This country belongs to all Malaysians, regardless of race or creed, and we must reclaim it from the hands of unscrupulous politicians. 


Tiger said...

Why only restricted syllabus?
Our students should learn ALL civilisations, but take heed from WHY these civilisations failed.

Anonymous said...

Your views will be most welcome by politicians who have the welfare of the country and its people in their hearts. For their vision is to bring the nation to further prosperity by educating their youths strategically and grooming future leaders to take over when these politicians return to their Maker. Such politicians abhors any intention to keep the people stupid in order to control them politically forever.

Mr Khoo, do you see such politicians in Malaysia?

Fence Sitter said...

The story never ends...since Dr. M starts the selection base on meritocracy, we will hear this same story again and again and again. Kamalanathan said it will be fixed by next year which I doubt...why next year and not now??? It does not take rocket science to rerun the selection again...what's so complex? Everyone know how it is being done and the flaw is the additional criteria being put in which is only known to selected powerful few.
The selection process into the IPTAs added another few years of back step for Malaysia.

When are they going to wake up?

Anonymous said...

More than 30 years ago, the education system as a colonial legacy need no change in language. Since then, . . . now, we still keep repeating it. In conclusion, if "those who are not happy with the system of the land may choose to leave", And I hope they do so, soonest! Did Singapore drastically change their education system the way Malaysia did? Incorrigible?

Anonymous said...

will the politicians listen?

how do we reclaim the country?

can we have a little more worldly wise recommendations from you plse!